Choosing the right clothes for walking


You may be scrambling over hills, through forests and even climbing rocks but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. Whether you’re hiking alone or as part of group you can easily find ways to look stylish and cool with minimal effort required.

Keep your layers simple, choose the right colors and don’t forget those multi-purpose all-weather jackets that look good whether trekking the great outdoors or traversing the urban jungle.

Start with the footwear

A good pair of hiking boots will be a sensible investment if you intend to undertake this activity on a regular basis. A range of fashionable looking walking and hiking boots are available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your taste. You can also choose from sturdy walking shoes to multi-purpose waterproofed ankle-boots. Team these with some warm, stylishly designed hiking socks and you have your footwear sorted.

Avoid light-colored clothing

If you’re going hiking or even camping you are no doubt going to end up with some dirt on your trousers and tops. Dark clothing is a much better choice as it will hide any dirt and of course black is always a stylish choice. You’ll need a few layers for the cold weather such as tee-shirts and jumpers made of breathable material. Specially designed hiking tops are available in different colors with features including quick drying, heat retention and high wicking, which keeps the moisture away from the body and makes hiking an easier task.

Multi-purpose clothing

You don’t need to go full-in with mountaineering gear if you’re going on a simple hike; body-warmers with detachable arms and a hood are a useful wet-weather item. Lightweight combat trousers are another good option and items such as these can be used as casual clothing even when you’re not on the hills. You can find casual walking trousers that zip-off into shorts, which are great when the weather turns hot and also means you don’t have to carry multiple items of clothing. Remember to pack a stylish sun-hat to keep the sun off your face and to ensure you stay cool when the temperature is high.

Remember that if you overdo it by trying to look fashionable you’re more likely going to just look out of place. Go for simple and stylish clothes that will keep you comfortable, relaxed and looking good in the great outdoors.

Image by Natalie Lucier, used under the Creative Commons license.

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