Fun Learning With Dash & Dot Robots

Dash and Dot Robots from Wonder Workshop.

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As a blogger you receive a lot of pitches and a lot of yes, were going to send you product for review.  Many times the product never shows up or takes months to show up.  That’s what I thought would happen during the busy season when I found out that our new friends Dash and Dot the Robots would be coming from Wonder Works.  I was wrong and shocked when I came home one day to find these darling robots sitting on my doorstep in the nicest packaging.

Play and learn with the Wonder Workshop, who believes that every child should be empowered to question, think and create. They want to encourage them to be curious and to find their own joy in learning. Coding enables creativity. By learning to code, kids are becoming shapers of their own world.


I can tell you that Dash and Dot are even fun for adults. Their antics and running around even caught mine, and my husbands attention. They are really neat and my 12 year old son has enjoyed playing with them immensely.

Above my son is using the Android phone to play the xylophone with Dash.  Vanilla our Cat was very interested and amused with Dash and Dot.

Dash and Dot


Dash and Dot are introducing new ways to play and learn. Kids are able to define how they want to play. Whether your child is into having made-believe tea parties, building elaborate forts, or adventuring with friends, Dash & Dot will be there every step of the way. I was impressed with the fact that my son wanted these to work so badly that he sat down and read about them. He got them working and running. He even got Dash to give then kittens a little work out.

Overall I give Dash and Dot two thumbs up and they are great learning tools not only for kids but adults too.  They are super cute and are rechargeable.  They make noise and have lights as well as learning tools.  The xylaphone was definitely an attention getter for my son and it made him determined to get the robots going.



2 comments for “Fun Learning With Dash & Dot Robots

  1. January 18, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    That is bright and colorful for sure. Cute toy.

  2. Belinda
    January 24, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    How neat! I like that kids are learning valuable skills while having fun.

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