03/02/15 Framesi Biogenol Design Spray Giveaway

Framesi Biogenol Design Spray

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And so you would think that I being the only female in the house am the one using Biogenol Design Spray, but no. My husband is the one that uses the most hair spray in our home. While I do use it at times, my husband and thinner fly away hair and requires the spray to help keep his hair looking its best.

Biogenol Design Spray by Framesi is a vegetable protein and vitamin-enriched strong hold working spray that will not dull, coat, or mask hair color, which is good when your husband is a half century old. This design spray gives his hair premium body and shine, even under humid conditions and I might add under super cold blowing and snowy conditions.

The Biogenol Design Spray is non-sticky, instantly dries, and doesn’t build up or flake from the hair. My husband is self-conscious about using hair spray and so it suits him well that you can’t tell he’s wearing it.

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