We Showed Our #DisneySide With A Disney Side Celebration


Disney Celebrations Box #DisneySide

And so it began……my Disney Side At Home Celebration. We’ve had a long weekend with a lot of hiccups, ups and downs. Thursday our kitty became very ill and her prognosis isn’t good. My boys are devastated. Saturday, my youngest son was to go to a friends house for the night and one of the parents became very ill and had to go to the ER.  So we hosted their children for the night instead. So when Sunday came, we were all ready for some fun and a party.  What better way to lift spirits than with a Disney Side, At Home Celebration!

Disney Celebrations Disney Side 2

There were so many fun and exciting things included in my Disney Celebration Box that we not only set up fun activity stations but had great swag bags to share with both the kids and parents. We had a nice mix of parents, boys and girls and I was thankful for the parents help.

Disney Celebrations Disney Side Nail Station

Station one the “Disney Nail Station” for the gals. Included in my box was a huge selection of princess nail polishes, so we set up an area for the girls to have their nails done. We also had enough polishes to include  in the girls goodie bags, which really excited them.

Disney Side Disney Celebrations Family Tree Station

Station two was the word search and family tree station. We were provided with the Tree of Life posters and leaves for the kids to fill out with family names. The word searches were even fun for both the older and smaller kids.  The kids were able to decorate these with Crayola Crayons.

Disney Side Disney Celebrations Adult Swag Networking Witches

Station three was for parents and included a reusable swag bag with an extra tree of life poster and leaves, luggage tags, Twinings Tea Bags, Coupons and HP Photo Paper and Envelopes.

Disney Side Disney Celebrations Cupcakes

For food we had sweet treats. We made deliciously fun Mickey Cupcakes and a Tie Dyed Duff Cake in the shape of Mickey’s head (compliments of Wilton). The cupcake idea came purely by accident. A powdered sugar accident that is. I made chocolate cupcakes and put down a Mickey shape and dusted them with powdered sugar. They came out simply adorable.

Mickey Duff Wilton Cake 6

The Wilton Mickey Mouse pan, was filled with a Duff Tie-Dye Premium Cake MIx. We kept the cake unfrosted so the kids could see the colors and it actually worked out better that way.

To finish off the day we hosted a movie for the kids. Finding one that suited tween boys and little girls was a little tough but they all settled on Turbo, which I’d never seen. I must admit that this is the cutest of moves and gave our party a fun finale!

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  1. Auntiepatch
    February 17, 2015 at 1:07 am

    Hope your kitty makes it. The death of a pet is hard on children. Blessings on your family.

  2. February 17, 2015 at 8:29 am

    Thank you for that. It means a lot.

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