Flying Delta Airlines In Bad Weather


Flying Delta Airlines

Thank you for the safe ride #Delta. Just a little snapshot before we leave New York! Now on to Disney posted on my instagram 2/26/15

I received no compensation for this post.  This is my experience and opinion alone.

I’m afraid to fly and have posted about this before.  In fact I fly on faith and prayers, so when we were recently invited to Disney I had to really gather my courage and set my mind on the fact we were going to fly.  Our reservations were for 2/26/16 from Grand Rapids to Atlanta, then we would switch planes and fly to Orlando.  Just before we walked out the door I had a phone call that all Delta, Atlanta flights had been cancelled and that we were rescheduled to fly from Grand Rapids to LaGuardia in New York.


Even though the weather was bad in places, at NO time did I fear for my safety or that of my family.  The Delta staff were all polite and efficient and we made the first leg of trip with no other issues.


On 3/01/15 we flew home from Orlando to Atlanta, and then switched planes to our final destination in Grand Rapids.  When we flew in to Atlanta our flight was moved from one gate to another and it created mass confusion because it was at the total opposite end of the terminal.  When we had all arrived the pilot who was to fly our plane got on the speaker and let us know what was going on and he really put our minds at ease (not that we were really afraid).


When we reached altitude I looked out the window, the wing was covered in a frosty snow and I had to swallow my panic and I prayed!  I’m so thankful that our landing was safe and uneventful but the real purpose of this post is to share that at all times I felt that Delta cared.  I felt that safety was their number one priority.  Besides my irrational fear of flying in anything there was no added fear even changing flights and gates.  In fact it made me feel safer that they were doing everything in their power to assure that we would reach our destination safely.  I would definitely fly Delta again.



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  1. Kimberly Bauer
    March 6, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    It’s crazy that I flew Southwest on those same dates, well kind of…My flight out of NJ to Chicago to Denver on 2/26 was cancelled after we got to the airport, went on standby, both of us got on the plane just for a flight attendant to tell us that one of us had to get off and take a later flight because a very large man was taking up 2 seats. I took the first flight and my friend took the next one. I had to wait at the Denver airport for 5 hours for her to show up. Southwest lost my luggage for the first 2 1/2 days of my 4 day vacation. On 3/1 we got to the airport for our flight to have it cancelled yet again and couldn’t get a new flight until 3/3. I had to spend 2 more days in Denver at my own expense. Finally when we got to the airport on the 3rd, bad luck strikes again and our flight was cancelled AGAIN!!! We finally got our final flight later that day and after stops in Kansas, Chicago than finally Philadelphia, I got home at 2:30 in the morning on Wednesday. What a nightmare!!!! I will NEVER fly Southwest again!

  2. March 7, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Argh! Kimberly, I can’t imagine. I don’t fly often at all and this was a real learning experience for me. So the cancelling and the flying standby happened with Delta too. They paid people up to $800 to stand by and fly out on a later flight. They started at $400 and then when no one accepted they got up to $800. My husband almost had our family do it because it would have been future tickets for us.

    On the last flight they double booked a seat and the 2 people were down right mean to the poor flight attendant over it. I get they were mad but she really was being nice and trying to fix the issue. Finally, the 2nd person who was kinda just standing and waiting was moved to first class but our flight had already been delayed and the overbooking and seat issue cause us a longer delay. As it was none of us 3 got to sit together and our son is only 12. He was a little spooked.

    We were supposed to fly Southwest but we couldn’t get tickets all together on the same plane so we flew Delta. After reading your story I’m super glad. I would have been frustrated and already being nervous it would have probably caused a temper tantrum on my part.

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