Taking Our Tween To Disney – Animal Kingdom Lodge #WDWBigFun




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A little over a week ago our family went to Disney as their guests. I have experienced nothing like it in my life and I’ve been to Disney many times. Disney wanted to show our family that there is a lot to do with your tween. They opened our eyes to attractions we never knew existed and gave us experiences we’ll never forget.


We left Michigan at -20 degrees and arrived in Florida in a warm to us 60 degree weather. My son Quinn, who’s 12 said “Mom, this is an 80 degree difference!”. I was a little shocked that he would do the math when not made to, and even more shocked that he was right. It felt delightful. We were immediately whisked away by the Disney Magical Express at the airport and taken to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Animal Kingdom Lodge View

While visiting Disney at another time we had visited the Animal Kingdom Lodge but now we tingled with excitement knowing we were going to stay here! Walking into the lobby is like being transported into an African setting with their beautiful wood work. We were quickly checked in and introduced to a lot of changes in Disney since our last visit (More to come!).

Disney Room

I could NOT wait to get in the room and see our view and I was not disappointed. The first thing we saw were the animals. Yes! Right outside our balcony. I had to almost drag Quinn off the balcony so we could shower and head straight to the parks. Disney knows your excitement and anticipation with getting to parks and so your bags are taken to your room for you, and you’re provided with everything you need to get started when you register.


We all took a quick shower and were out the door to catch Disney transportation to Epcot! Quinn could hardly contain himself and watching him made my husband and I smile. We stayed at Epcot that evening until it was time for it to close and then my husband and Quinn took the bus to Downtown Disney to check out the Lego Store and other attractions. I ran back to the hotel to plot out how we would spend the rest of our time.

Disney Swag

When I arrived, our Fairy Godmother had been there and left a delight bag of swag for both Quinn and I. I couldn’t wait for Quinn to get back so I could see what he got. I sat down and got right to work on planning out each precious day the three of us would spend together.

Disney Swag 2

When my Tween got back to the room he was thrilled to know our Fairy Godmother had come and left him a surprise package.  I have to share that the little backpack really came in handy and was one of the most useful items he received.  As you will see in photos yet to come he wore it constantly in the parks and where ever we went.  Since we’ve gotten home he’s loaded the DConstructed CD on his Zune, and use the D-Tech Mickey, and has been reading about Greek Gods.


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