Wild African Trek At Disney’s Animal Kingdom #WDWBigFun

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While at Disney and the Animal Kingdom Quinn and I were treated to the Wild Africa Trek. To say this was an amazing experience is putting it lightly. We were able to hike behind the scenes at Animal Kingdom and get upclose and personal with the animals.

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We were given a Private VIP guided expedition and were able to view animals in ther native habitats. We were able to ask questions on our Trek and learn a lot about how Disney takes care of the animals in the park and how they are working with different foundations to help protect animals and keep them happy.

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To start we were fitted with safety gear. A vest and a hiking clip and a bottle of water to connect to our vests. Little did I know how thankful I’d be for that bottle of water. I was impressed that Disney even thought ahead and had filling stations along the hiking trail for us to refill our water bottles.


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While I’m not overly fit, if fit at all, I was able to make this hike with no problems. I even went over the rope and wooden slat bridges. These amazing bridges were 30 feet above the animals in the Animal Kingdom habitat. It was amazing to walk over the bridge and look down at the aligators and hippos. It did make me hang on just a little bit tighter, but not my son. He danced across the bridges and had a squeeled with delight looking over the edges and in between the slats at the animals below. I on the other hand was a bit more cautious.

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I didn’t know that Disney offered the Wild Africa Trek adventure until we went and now I want to return and take the whole family. My oldest son, 18 really wants to go and experience this trek too. His little TWEEN brother has been telling him about feeding the hippos from above a cliff, about looking down and seeing the alligators, and the special dinner that was served for us.

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We were treated to delicious African inspired snacks that Quinn loved including the the garnished flower. Our meal consisted of:
Air-dried beef and prosciutto
Smoked salmon roulade with dill
Fig cake with Boursin cheese
Brie cheese and apricot
Berry yogurt and dried cranberries
Fresh fruit marinated in mint and ginger

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While we ate were able to watch the Lions and the Elephants.  The lions lounged but the elephants were busy wrestling with one another and it was a lot of fun watching them.  At no time on our trek were we rushed and our wonderful guide to multitudes of pictures for us to share with family and friends when we got home.

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  1. Debbie Welchert
    March 18, 2015 at 11:06 am

    It sounds like you really had a great time. I know my grandchildren would love doing this. I would never make it across the bridge.

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