Visiting Walt Disney World With Your Tween #WDWBigFun

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Fantasia Gardens

When we visited Disney it was with the idea of showing my Tween Walt Disney World’s Big Fun.  It wasn’t a hard job.  Quinn loved the rides in the parks and he loved all the sites.  Together as mother and son we really enjoyed African Trek.  It’s something we will never forget and he’s shared with his friends.

Fantasia Gardens Disney Feb

But, Mini Golf at Fantasia Gardens is something I would have never taken my kids to do.  Not because we didn’t want to do it but because we wouldn’t have thought of it.  Disney’s Fantasia Gardens is breathtakingly beautiful.  From the topiaries to the fun and challenging Mini Golf Holes.

Fantasia Disney Mini Golf

It was even a great time for Quinn to fool around, have fun and get rid of a little extra creative energy.  When you go to Disney with your Tween it’s time to let loose and have fun and that’s exactly what we (he) did.


Disney Fantasia Gardens Quinn


While he worked hard to win the game MOM still rules!  Although I won, winning wasn’t what was on our mind at the time.  It was pure fun.  Excuse the photo below, we got caught a in a bit of rain and it totally flattened my hair and ran my make-up.  But you know what?  It didn’t take away from the fun!


MiniGolf Winner

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