Pin Trading In Disney #WDWBigFun For Adults & Tweens

Disney Pin Collection


Something that is fun for our family in Disney is  Pin Trading.  Each of us in our family collect something different.  This trip my husband continued to collect Jessica Rabbit pins, Quinn continued collecting Pluto but added Stitch to his collection too.  It showed me that he’s still got some little boy in him but is moving toward more tween fun with Stitch.  I of course being Winter Witch collect villain-nesses, and anything else that may catch our fancy.

Jessica Rabbit

Part of the fun in Disney is collecting the pins of your choice and trading with others and with Disney Cast Members that trade as well.  We have found that this adds a lot of fun to our experience and is great for those in between times when you’re waiting for others to catch up with you, dining, shopping or simply taking a small rest.


Each of us display our pins at home differently and use them to show our #DisneySide.  My husband has special lanyard that he hangs in our room full of his Jessica Rabbit treasures.  I’m working on a shadow box for my villainesses that will sit with the Ursula Fashion Doll my son got me for Christmas.  Quinn keeps his in a special box much like I would have done as a tween.  He and his friends sort through them and even trade them on occasion.


Special Pins Disney

Disney Pinning creates fun both at and around the parks as well as when you return home.  It’s a small investment in a bauble that will bring back memories for a life time.

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