NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder

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Neocell Collagen Beauty Builder Anti Ageing (150 Tablets)

Every women has a moment where their nails, hair, and skin gives them problems.  We have all tried the different drug store products that you put on your skin and nails or you put the product on your hair.  Now there is a supplement, Collagen Beauty Builder by NeoCell.  It comes in a bottle of 150 pills that you take  twice a day to get the best result.   There is a 30 day supply in each bottle.   This product is free from soy, wheat, lactose, starch, yeast, or artificial flavors, and is gluten free.


NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder is the ultimate beauty-from-within supplement. This all-natural product delivers several beauty-enhancing ingredients, including:

-6,000 mg of NeoCell Collagen types 1 & 3 for radiant skin, thick hair and strong nails
-Biotin, a B vitamin critical for hair growth and strengthening nails
-Hyaluronic Acid, a water-loving nutrient that hydrates and promotes skin elasticity
-ALA, a potent antioxidant to protect cells from free radical damage
-Silica, a mineral involved in transporting nutrients and a key component in keeping hair healthy

Imagine a pill that helps improve the look and health of hair, skin and nails. It’s here and it’s NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder! A more beautiful outside begins by creating a healthier inside.

Collagen Beauty Builder comes in a 30 day supply and has a suggested retail price of $19.99. It is available through retailers nationwide.

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