April Winners 2015



04/02/15 The Whole-Hearted Life By Susyn Reeve

Maureen L.

04/02/15 Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Giveaway *2* Winners

04/03/15 Darker Edge of Desire – Gothic Tales of Romance

Laura R

04/03/15 Hinderer Rescue Knife Sweepstakes

Edward P. is the winner!

04/04/15 Cookina Reusable Cooking Package Giveaway

michelle k. is the winner!

04/04/15 California Delicious – California Fresh Creamery & Gourmet RV $79.99

Tammy Evans is the winner!

04/04/15 SophiasStyle.Com $50 GC Giveaway

Lisa Garland is the winner!

04/05/15 Easter Winning Giveaway – Assorted Prizes

Angela W.
Susan B.
Soha H.
Julie M.
Sally G.

04/05/15 Winning Moves Games – Easter Event Giveaway

Cheryl W.

04/07/15 The Ultimate Guide To Sex After 50

James S.

04/07/15 Mia Mariu Mind & Body Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils Giveaway


04/10/15 Woodie Specs – Sandalwood Watch Giveaway

Keri C.

04/10/15 UltraBright LED Headlamp Flashligh Giveaway

Pat Walker Pinkston is the winner!

04/11/15 Divine LED Headlamp Giveaway RV $67

Hargow W.

04/11/15 Regiment LO WR Winners Choice of Color RV $69.99

robyn donnelly is the winner!

04/11/15 Mrs. Freshley’s Prize Package $25 RV

Evelyn Dortch is the winner!

04/12/15 Box4Blocks Lego Sorter Giveaway

Alona Y. is the winner!

04/13/15 Your Life After 25 #MomsForMusic Giveaway $50 Paypal

Sandy Klocinski is the winner!


04/14/15 Ageless Derma Rosacea Relief Cream

Tamra P.

04/17/15 Hope & Miracles – Chicken Soup For The Soul *3* Winners

Aaron S.
Sue J.
Elizabeth T.

04/18/15 Hampton Creek Prize Pack

Lisa V. is the winner!

04/18/15 Honest Kitchen Revel Dog Food

judy maharrey is the winner!

04/20/15 Rock and Learn Giveaway

04/21/15 Fe Fit Women’s 13 Week Workout Program Giveaway

P. is the winner!

04/21/15 The Longest Ride Film

Sonya is the winner!

04/21/15 Rudolphs Cinco de Mayo Pork Rind Snack Giveaway

Kim P.

04/22/15 Green Your Earth Giveaway

Lisa C.
Alison H.
Rose F.
Esperanza G.

04/23/15 National Park Trust Giveaway

Tiffany Hartwell is the winner!

04/23/15 Another Year Older Giveaway

04/29/15 Gorton’s Smarty Crunchman Gift Package Giveaway

Elizabeth T.

04/29/15 Pedi.Cure in Pink Giveaway HTML

Anita D.

04/30/15 Love Cooking Company Mr. Tony Meatloaf Pan Giveaway #EatInChallenge

Bryan E.

Mary B.

04/30/15 Rusk W8less Hairspray Giveaway

Vickie C.

04/30/15 Pampers Easy Ups Giveaway

ken ohl is the winner!

04/30/15 A Cure, Find A Cure Breast Cancer Giveaway

Marla K.

04/30/15 The Blogiversary Blowout Giveaway $2,200 rv 5 winners

Jodie P.
Dale H.
Candice D.
DeAnna K.

04/30/15 Sports Women & Beer

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