Amber Glass Spray Bottle by Emmi’s Essentials

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Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottle with Adjustable Black Trigger Sprayer by Emmi’s Essentials ~ DIY Green Cleaning Kit Contains 16 oz Refillable Container, Dropper and Decorative Label

I’m a firm believer in more natural cleaners and in creating my own room freshnes.  This Amber Glass Spray Bottle allows me to do that and with the Adjustable Black Trigger Sprayer I can control how much spray emits from the bottle.  This is such a simple tool and Emmi’s Essentials have provided me with the tool to use my own cleaners and fresheners.

Amber Glass Spray Bottle with Adjustable Black Trigger Sprayer by Emmi’s Essentials ~ 16 oz Refillable Container Kit Includes Pipette and Decorative Label

  • ~ Includes Amber Glass Bottle, Decorative Label, & Pipette Kit
    ~ QUALITY ADJUSTABLE SPRAYER ~ Quality sprayer won’t break after just a few uses. Designed with an ergonomic, no-slip trigger, the bottle stays firmly in your hand.
    ~ PERFECT SIZE ~ 16 oz bottle makes enough solution to keep from constantly refilling. Not too heavy and fits comfortably in your hand. Perfect to use with Emmi’s Essentials Tea Tree Oil or Peppermint Oil (sold separately).
    ~ REUSABLE ~ Help protect the environment and save money by reusing this bottle over and over again. Mix up sanitizing sprays and window cleaners for the kitchen. Tub and shower cleaners for the bathroom. And non-toxic bug spray and air freshener…the list is limitless!
    ~ BONUS ~ As a big thank you, you get our exclusive DIY Green Cleaning Essentials guide complete with household cleaning recipes created just for use with our 16 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles ~ guide will be sent after purchase.

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