Complete Sewing Package for 18 inch Doll Nightgown

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My daughter received her first American Girl doll a few years ago and now it has been all about clothes for these dolls.  Buying clothes for these dolls can be expensive and the girls do not appreciate them as much.  Here is a Complete Sewing Package for 18 inch doll Nightgown that any little girl can do with a little help from her parent.


The package comes with easy to fallow directions, needle, thread, a little bow, and the fabric that you need to make one nightgown.  The directions have a step by step guide that my little girl can fallow and take pride in what she has made.  This is a hand sown night gown, but you could easily teach her how to use the sewing machine with this pattern.  When my daughter finished this one she wanted to go out and buy more fabric to make more nightgowns for her other dolls.  This pattern can easily be changed up to make it into a dress or whatever else comes to her mind.  I know that this project will become something that she will do when she wants to be creative.  She might even get her brothers to make doll clothes with her.



  • • DADM is the best ever First Sewing project, designed for young kids with little or no experience in sewing that’s fun and easy.• Custom-designed finished fabric, minimum cutting, no hem necessary.• Step-by-Step illustrated instructions, one piece pattern.

    • Complete package fabric, pattern, bow, thread, pins and needle.

    • Accomplish; The greatest satisfaction for a child is when they could show their work they did by themselves

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  1. Charlene Underhill
    June 4, 2015 at 9:29 am

    So cute!

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