Easy Magnetic Snap Lock Closure Kids Water Sandals

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GP9175 Kids Easy Magnetic Closure (Snap Lock¨) Outdoor/Water Sandals, Green, EU25

With the days getting longer and the weather starting to get warmer each and everyday.  I find myself looking forward to sandals for my family and I to wear.   The Gold Pigeon Shoe Company have the perfect ones for little kids that they can put on by them self.  The ones that I received for review have a fun transportation theme to them, your child will love them if they like cars, boats, or airplanes.



They have a 3D engraving that make the design stand out black upper.  The design is done in primary colors that make it an easy sandal for my 4 year old to want to wear.  These sandals have a really neat feature with the top closer, instead of it being all Velcro, it is a strong magnetic snap lock. These a perfect for you 4 year old to put on himself.  These sandals will become you child’s everyday sandal for going to the beach and in the water, because they are water resistant and also have a shock absorbing sole.  I know that my son loves to wear these.



*Easy & Secure Magnetic Snap Lock Closure *Fully Adjustable Padded Straps for Perfect Fit and Comfort *Convertible Heel Strap for Wearing 2 Ways *Shock Absorbing Mid Sole for Cushioning and Flexibility *Slip Resistant Out Sole Wet or Dry *Water Prove with Quick Dry Lining

2 comments for “Easy Magnetic Snap Lock Closure Kids Water Sandals

  1. Linda Manns Linneman
    June 3, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    These sandals are so cute. I love the magnetic dclosures. My grandkids would love these. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Jane (Ej)
    June 3, 2015 at 9:16 pm

    These are fabulous & stylish for summer!

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