Greenwald’s All Purpose Citrus Cleaner 6-Pack

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The Greenwald’s All Purpose Citrus Cleaner smells great and works well for cleaning up small messes.  I used this to wipe down my washer and dryer, window sills, and kitchen counters.  It left everything sparkling clean and smelling clean and fresh.  I also used this to spot clean my tile floors.  It’s a big job to wash all of my tile floors at once so in between washes I spot clean.  In the kitchen the boys are forever making a mess and I was able to get up dried food and sticky drinks easily.




Greenwald’s All Purpose Citrus Cleaner Is Beneficial In 4 Categories Because:

1. It’s more powerful than traditional all purpose cleaners plus leaves a pleasant light citrus scent.
2. It’s less expensive, typically 30-70% in comparison with top brands.
3. It stores easily. Since the packets (6 are included) fit in the palm of you hand you can store gallons of our cleaner in a small kitchen drawer. Each packet makes a 32oz bottle so you receive 192 oz of cleaner total.
4. It’s environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you recycle your spray bottle over and over again so no more filling up the local landfill with more plastic.

Easy Instructions For Use:

1. Drop one packet into a 32 ounce spray bottle. Do not cut the packet, it completely dissolves.
2. Fill with warm water.
3. Let sit for 60 seconds.
4. Gently shake.
5. It’s cleaning attack time.

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