Cheap & Easy To Make Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden 10


This spring my daughter and I decided we wanted to attempt a fairy garden, but when we went to get started found that everything was expensive, sold out, or not exactly what we were looking for.  We quickly rummaged through my pots and misc. crafting items.  In the end we bought a few plants, a package of fairies, and a few clearance odds and ends.  Our total?  Under $20.


Fairy Garden 1


To start I salvaged 3 old pots that were a little on the blah side, a broken Tea Pot and Tea Cups, a salvaged rotting wood chunks, and misc. lawn items the kids have made or decorated with in the past.  The plain green pot that you see I found a bird wall graphic I hadn’t used and applied it to add a little pizzazz.  The teapot had separate from it’s holder so we quickly turned the blue dish into a pool.


Fairy Garden 2

Before getting started my daughter sat down for her own special cup of tea.

Fairy Garden 3

We started with planting a small bit of ivy in each pot along with 2 different herbs in each one.

Fairy Garden 4

After the planting was done it was time to get started with the fun stuff.  Decorating.  We added a little pool to the blue dish that we got for a $1.

Fairy Garden 6

I had these cute little bottles on hand for a long time and didn’t know what to do with them.  In the future when we have company in the evening I’ll add a small glow stick in each one.  They look darling in our garden.  Our Birdbath and Angel came together in a package.  I added a few clear stones from my crafting collection to add a water/droplet effect.


Fairy Garden 7

The most expensive must have that I bought for this project besides the plants was a shovel and rake.  We added some color stones for a little bit of a magical garden.

Fairy Garden 8


Slowly the garden started coming together.  Here’s a better picture of the bird I applied to the flower pot.  It’s held up well.  We made the garden in June and it still looks fab.  Next year I’m going to invest in a few more fun designs to add to the other pots.

Fairy Garden 9


I can begin to tell you how fun this was.  We threw this together rather quickly this year and will better plan for next year.  We want to gather some Fimo Dough and mold some of our own decorations and we’re thinking this will be a fun winter project.  I’ve also collected many interesting things from nature, sticks, stones, acorns, etc that we intend to incorporate into next years Fair Garden.



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  1. July 20, 2015 at 7:20 am

    You all did a such a lovely! I’ve never heard of a fairy garden before, but now I want one. 🙂

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