Summer Travel To Petoskey Michigan #PureMichigan

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Petoskey, Michigan is a resort area on Lake Michigan or more to the point on Little Traverse Bay.  When you hold up your hand and it makes a mitten we live in the tip of the mitt on the Lake Michigan side.  While the locals are working class and work hard this is the playground for many of the rich and famous.  Quinn and I ventured to the waterfront a few days ago to enjoy a home packed lunch and took in the sites.


Waterfront 2015 3


This big boat was docked and showed off is massiveness with 2 jet skis tied to the back, a dingy and a couple of fun floaties that would be perfect pulled behind the boat.  I have to say I had a few pangs of jealousy but it was neat just to see it.  Quinn was super impressed and his little boy imagination went over the constant list of things he could do if he got to ride on the boat.

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After lunch we took a walk on the docks and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.  Quinn fed the ducks, peeked over the docks at the fish in the water and then strolled up and down the docks looking at the boats.  What’s neat is you have yachts, sailboats, fishing boats and speed boats.  All are well taken care of and not just docked but on display for all to enjoy.


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Lastly, I wanted to share this photo that shows our break wall and a sailboat in action.  There are so many things to do in our area and we enjoy our family that visits and vacations each year, but the biggest draw is to the water.  When my family and I travel I miss and get home sick for the lake.  While the ocean is beautiful is salty, smells bad and has sharks.  Lake Michigan is clean, cold, freshwater and has no deadly beast that prey upon us, making this the perfect travel destination for the whole family.



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  1. desiree
    July 23, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    wow we have some dock in ozark area here they come form fl and other place and then we have some tall sail boats

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