Enlightened Ambience Candle Gift Basket

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Enlightened Ambience Candles Scented Gift Set 12 Orange Sorbet Candles in Packable Pail Gift Basket

This is one of the BEST gift ideas I’ve found in a long time.  For $60 you get a unique gift complete with some unique things.  First it comes in a collapsible beach pail and shovel, love the the bucket and so do the kids, but they didn’t stop there.  They included rubber duckies that are perfect for the beach or the tub.   Then the candles, OMGee!  The scent is Orange Sorbet and smells delicious.  I’m not big on citrus scents but this is amazing.  The candles have a long burn life too.  This is truly the perfect gift for any family!


This is a Gift Basket of 12 Orange Sorbet Scented Candles with two container candles, And 10 Orange Sorbet votive candles. These candles are packed in a reusable packable pail that expands and can be stored flat. These buckets are a sturdy storage solution for a shower caddy, garden caddy, or even golf ball storage making a great gift for a High School Graduation, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. These unique gift baskets are the best solution for packing a beach bucket because they collapse into a neat little gift package. The basket contains three bath ducks to add fun and whimsy, a shovel for sandy exploration magic and a bath pouf to remove the sand and a candle holder are all  included. Why not skip the boring dried fruit basket and give the gift of aromatherapy? This versatile gift basket is great for graduation, mom, romance, healing from chemotherapy, and makes a unique fun corporate business gift. These 12 candles will fill a home or office with their, mood-enhancing background scent. Orange Sorbet is an energizing fragrance with a stimulating blend of crisp, cool aromatic bouquet and a variety of uplifting notes of clean, fresh orange citrus and background notes of vanilla. Candles can create a mood and set the stage for any event, and ours are The perfect birthday or for any holiday occasion Even burning full of fragrance Votives are 2 inches tall from base to the top of the wax A portion of each sale goes to help disabled children through E.D.D. We recognize that fragrance preference is very personal, so for this reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee with no hassles – we have many fragrances and we want to be your Amazon candle supplier. Invigorate your home with the aroma of summer citrus.

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