Paracord Braclet and Paracord Grenade

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Top Rated Survival Kit- Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Grenade- Fire Starter with Sharp Eye Knife and Fishing Kit Outdoors Survival-Adjustable Stainless Steel

My family and I like to be outdoors either exploring or camping.  My husband and sons are into Boy Scouting also and when we received the Paracord Bracelet and Paracord Grenade they were excited to add these to their scouting equipment and our camping equipment.  What is great about these papacord bracelet and grenade is that if you are in need of extra rope that is strong it is right there for you to use, but it will not take up hardly any room.



The bracelet is comfortable to were and the grenade clips right on to a belt loop so they are always right where you can easily find the when you might be in need.  These make a great clothes line when camping to hang out your wet things or you can use them to make a shelter to get out of the elements.  I know that I might be going back for more, because the uses of these paracords is limitless and the places that you can store them so they are always on hand.  I know that I could use a set in my car for those times when you have an emergency and need a rope.



Their Paracord Grenade and Paracord Bracelet ensures that you and your family have the necessary tools to survive, find help, catch fish, or build shelter. These top-of-the-line products are equipped with everything to assist you during an unexpected night in the wilderness. Never go camping or hiking without one again!

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