Pocket Disc For Outdoor Play

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Summer is upon us and my family and I are spending more time at the beach or on picnics.  We are always looking for things to pack or keep in the car for those time when your family needs something to do.  I found the perfect Frisbee like toy to keep in my van, use at the beach, or on the playground.  It is the Pocket Disc  designed by 9 year old by accident.  My family loves the bright colors of the sport size disc that we received.  This is better then the plastic Frisbee that we grew up with or can still buy.  This one is made from soft cotton and floats easily in the air so no matter what the age of the person throwing it is will fly with ease.

This pocket disc may have been designed by a 9 year old, but now it is made in Guatemala and is part of the Fair Trade system.

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