STIXX 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Golf Club Cleaning Brush

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STIXX 33452 #1 Heavy Duty Golf Club Cleaning Brush & Spike Groove Cleaner

My family loves to golf.  The kids love it as much as their father does.  The only problem is that their golf clubs are always dirty from playing all the time.  I have tried to take an old tooth brush to them when they are done playing for the day, but that is not always the answer.  I received the Stixx 3-in-1 Golf Club and love all that it cleans all of their golf clubs with ease.  I do not have to clean them with the tooth brush after they have finished for the day.  I attached this brush to my husbands golf bag and he now can clean his golf clubs right when they get dirty instead of waiting until after he is done playing.  What also is nice is that when my sons play the brush can be taken off my husbands bag and attached to one of their bags.  It is a wonderful part of the golf game for them all to take care of their clubs when they are using them and get them dirty.  The 2 foot zip line cord is a plus for the whole group when they are together to all clean their clubs.  Now we are not needing to replace their clubs as much because of them being overly dirty and having a hard time getting them clean.



  • Best Cleaning tool for golf clubs and Spikes
  • Nylon bristles for Cleaning Woods and brass bristles for Cleaning irons
  • Spike for Cleaning deep in grooves and golf shoes
  • Retractable zip-line cord extends 2 feet for easy Use
  • Convenient heavy duty carabineers attaches to your golf bag

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