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I know that I want to get the a toy grows with them and will do more than one thing.  This is where the My Friend Teddy is more then just a stuffed animal.   I know that he is soft like any other teddy bears out there on the market, but that is only the beginning of this bear.  He is also a Blue Tooth toy. He works like any other blue tooth device, you do need to down load the app onto either your smart phone or tablet, for my family it is on both devices.

What is nice about this bear is that you can customize it for your child.  He is meant for 2 years or older, which means he will work perfectly for my 5 year old.  Once you put the app on your device you will be asked a bunch of different questions so that way Teddy knows your child.  It also works to see how well you know your child when you are filling out the questions without them beside you I did to get Teddy ready for Christmas morning.

There are different games that your child can play with Teddy when he is hooked up to the blue tooth device.   You can have him read your child a story, do activities such as fish bowls, sea puzzle, animal zoo.  Then there is a page for you to fill out with information about your child’s family members and there friends. There is also a button to push so they can interact with Teddy by answering the questions that Teddy asks.  The stories that Teddy tells are ones that your child may know like Little Red Riding Hood,  The Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can also sing a song with Teddy.

Freddy_Let's play
What I like about this Teddy bear for littler children is that he does not need to be connected to the internet to use him.  He just uses the information that you entered when you started him up and down loaded the app on to the desired device.  You can also control how his mouth works when he talks, with the switches on his back.


  • MY  FRIEND  TEDDY  is  a  cuddly  teddy  bear,  designed  equally  as  a  personalized  plush  toy
    companion, as well as a development tool for preschoolers.

  • Parents are able to customize child specific information, such as favorite characters, family names, and birthdays, and Teddy will incorporate them into his engaging interactive and storytelling dialogue.

  • MY FRIEND TEDDY also features numerous activities to further enhance motor skills and language development, via interactive learning games, counting exercises while offering multiple degrees of complexity built in, allowing parents to adjust learning levels appropriately as the child develops.

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  1. Barbara Platt
    September 25, 2015 at 6:56 am

    I love this toy for little ones. Interactive toys are a fav on my list to buy for them.

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