Click Block Transportation Crew Set

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As a mother of 4 children 11 years old and under, it is important that they have toys  they all can enjoy.  I have been  looking for ones that open their minds and are educational.  I love to have science and building come together in one toy.  I received the X-Bar Transportation Crew Set Premium Magnetic Construction Toy for review, from Click Block and just looking at it I knew that I would enjoy having this product in my children’s toy bin.



When I first saw this in the box I was excited for my family and the long winter that is about to come upon us.  There will be hours of fun for all.   I know that it will not stay in the bin long.  There is so much to do with the X-Bar Transportation Crew Set.  There are 4 different modes of transportation, so each of my children have their favorite vehicles to use.

The science part of this toy comes from how you use it.  No matter what you build it is all held together with magnets.  Working with these building magnetic construction bars will help even my youngest learn how magnets work.  Like all magnets there is a north and south,  and my children will need to remember how magnets work to build.  There are big metal balls that the magnetic bars attach to. If you want to make what you build taller you can connect each bar on end to make it as tall as you or you child wants it to be.

This set comes with two LED bars that are interchangeable in the whole set.  When I say interchangeable I mean that you can use the bars in all the vehicles or to build with.  This has opened up the building for my children to an even higher level and they imaginations are now limitless as to what to build.  Now they want to see what their buildings look like in the dark.  They are also able to have races with the tracks that they can build in different positions.



More Information about the Click Block, X-Bar Transportation Crew Set:

78 Pieces Total: 26 short bars, 12 long bars, 20 metal balls, 2 LED bars, 18 transportation accessories.

Create multiple magnetic aircraft, trains, vehicles, race ramp, towers, and many other structures for hours of open-ended play.

Patented cogwheel structure (U.S. patent pending) allows stronger binding strength compared to other leading competitors’  products.


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