Mini Heat Bag Sealers

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Modfamily (2-pack) Mini Plastic Bag Sealer, Reseals Mylar and Cereal Bags for Airtight Seal and Food Sealer (orders vary either Orange Trim or Pink Trim)

There has been many time when my family has opened a bag of chips or cereal has not finished them or for that matter left it alone for a week.  Then when they go back to it they find out that the food is now stale.  I was excited to receive the Mini Heat Bag Sealers and I could not wait to try it out.  You do need to put 2 AA batteries in the bag sealer to make it work.  Once you put the batteries in all you need to do is wait for a little bit of time for the little wire to get hot enough to seal any different bags.  This bag sealer is small enough to fit in any drawer for those time when you need to seal a bag.  I do recommend that you try this out on a bag, because it does take practice on how to get the best seal.  I can travel with this in my cooler for those picnics that we love to do as a family.  There is a little protective plastic flap that goes over the wire when not in use.  I plan on not keeping the batteries in this device so that way I do not need to worry about the batteries wearing out or any other problems that may happen from leaving them in.


  • Simple and Modern: Squeeze, Slide and Re-Seal Original Bags to keep Food Fresh and reduce the need for ziplock bags
    100% Guarantee – If you have any problem EVER with ReliaSeal, we will refund your order in full plus ship you a new item. NO RISK
    Designed with ease of use in mind – Place edge of poly or mylar bag in your sealer and slowly pull the bag through. Squeeze air out of bag before completing the seal to create vacuum effect.
    Compact – Accessible, handy use in your kitchen, cabinet, outdoors or anywhere you need it
    Airtight seal – Create airtight seal and prevent your food from tasting bland and stale. Lock in freshness and flavor. Safely seal all types of bags. Works best with mylar (i.e. potato chips) bags.

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  1. November 4, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    This sounds like a great product to have in my house

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