Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster

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Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster by Lush Ride (TM) | 100% Natural Wool from Australia and New Zealand, Compact 16 inches Length, Plush Lambswool Interior Detailing Tool

We heat with wood and with wood comes a lot of dust so I was thrilled to receive the Genuine Australian Lambswool Duster.  This makes dusting a breeze and with the holidays just around the corner and everyone visiting our home this year it’s a welcomed short cut.  After dusting I take it outside and shake it off and it’s good to go.


About the product:

Give your car the care and upkeep it deserves with the Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster by Lush Ride. Regular interior cleaning helps preserve your car’s looks and value, and gives you the most comfortable drive.
Genuine lambswool performs better than similar microfiber or cloth car dusters, which may only push around dust and scuff delicate surfaces, or spray on finishes that can leave behind an oily residue. The Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster by Lush Ride generates a static charge that effortlessly and gently attracts and removes dust – it’s simple, effective and delivers professional car interior detailing results with the wave of a hand!
16″ length is optimized for easy, comfortable and convenient use in all size cars – it’s big enough to get the job done, compact enough to fit snugly in your car door storage slots. To clean this genuine lambswool duster, simply shake it out or spin it to remove dust for good, or hand wash when necessary.
This outstanding duster is also versatile – use it anywhere around your home or office to make dust disappear quickly and easily. Keep shelves and books dust free, clean delicate collectibles and knick knacks, dust window sills and corners, video screens, and much more.
Our Genuine Australian Lambswool Car Interior Duster makes a lovely birthday or holiday gift for car enthusiasts, sons, dads and grandfathers, new car owners, or anyone who appreciates the perfect car interior detailing tool to maintain their ride looking like new!

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