The Smart Art Box For The Artist On Your List

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My daughter is an art major and supplies are generally expensive but she has endless projects she’d like to achieve. The Smart Art Box is the perfect gift for her. This inspirational box comes complete with a project and all you’ll need to complete the project. There will will also be supplies left over so that she is building her art supply chest.

The December box included all the supplies to paint a winter landscape. Just in time for the holidays. Smart Art thought of everything that would be needed for this project.

Creative Inspirations Acrylic (6 PCS)
Simply Simmons Oil and Acrylic Brush Wallet (3 PCS)
10-Well Plastic Paint Palette
Mona Lisa Pink Soap 4OZ
Creative Mark All Edge Media Cotton Canvas 8″X10″
Educational Pamphlet

This box came nicely packed and ready for gift giving. I cannot wait to see the her project when it’s finished!


Smart Art was created by a small group of friends, driven by the desire to see the world and experience the culture created by historical visionaries. Along the way, they found inspiration in the many mediums found everywhere, from the poorest of villages, to the most prestigious of cities. Each medium expressed the artist’s individual communities, heritage and personality. For this reason, inspired by the passion portrayed in their art, a new determination was born to pursue and discover the many exciting art mediums across the world.

Together, we are committed to ensuring artists understand art and it’s many mediums throughout time in order to create a better understanding of the world around us. Our mission is to deliver products that kindle creativity, stimulate exciting new techniques and establish a deeper connection with art for everyone.



The project’s are unique and cultural. We create projects that give a quick step by step to help those who are new, and guide those that are seasoned. We also provide tips to help new and old artists gain invaluable new skills.


With each medium come the tools to manipulate it and bring out the strength that each style can achieve.
Designed for artists and those who want to learn, the Smart Art box finds the artist’s spark in everyone. Each box is built with a specific goal in mind, to bring you an experience that you’ve longed for. Achieved by bringing our own love for art and everything you need to create the art that brings you serenity and peace of mind.

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  1. December 21, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Theses products look nice

  2. Tina Truex
    December 28, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    These look very nice. Thanks for the review on them.

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