December Winners



12/01/15 The Baby Bum Brush Giveaway

Erica B.

12/02/15 Win one of four $175 Walmart Gift Cards From Dropprice

Christy S
Sheila T
Cindy V
Brittany W

12/03/15 Ohio State Park Lodges Getaway Giveaway #GiftGuide

Tiffany B.

12/05/15 Eve’s Addiction $60 Gift Code Giveaway

Melanie Comello is the winner!

12/07/15 Letter from Santa Giveaway

Jeanne Coulombe . is the winner!

12/07/15 Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway #GTG2015

Paulette D. is the winner!

12/07/15 Glasstic Shatterproof Water Bottle Giveaway

Erica B. is a winner!
G. is a winner!

12/07/15 The Very Important Preschooler Personalized Book Giveaway

Sally W. is the winner!

12/07/15 $75 Gift Card to Zutano’s Childrens Clothing

Dierdra M. is the winner!

12/08/15 Grab Green Home Gift Set Giveaway

Alona Y. is the winner!

12/10/15 World Vision & Thirty-One Giving Tuesday Giveaway

Vikki B.

12/11/15 VioLife Zapi Lux UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Giveaway

12/11/15 TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System Giveaway

Nathan K. is the winner!

12/11/15 Holiday Full of Prizes Giveaway

Essence M.

12/12/15 Allet Keep Safe RFID Original Thin Wallet Giveaway

Shannon M. is the winner!

12/12/15 EZPZ Mixes Baking Tools Bundle Box Giveaway

N. is the winner!

12/12/15 Wonder Forge The Good Dinosaur Roarin’ River Game

Lisa Williams is the winner!

12/12/15 Roxy Grace DIY Lip Balm Kit Giveaway RV $28

Sharon Kaminski is the winner!

12/13/15 iMagnet Magnetic Mount Giveaway *5* Winners #GiftGuide

 Abbie G.
 Lynda D.
 Sara S.
 Debra G.
 Eric S.

12/13/15 Shaun the Sheep DVD/Blu-Ray Set

ken ohl is the winner!

12/14/15 Christmas Shopping Giveaway & Blog Hop *Assorted Prizes*

w. is a winner!
JIll R. is a winner!
Jessica Whitehouse is a winner!

12/14/15 The Girl Who Saved Christmas Book

sherry butcher is the winner!.

12/15/15 Santa’s Bag Of Gifts Giveaway

Brianna M.

Laura W.

Jessica A.

12/15/15 Apple Watch and Hydra Skin Sciences Turn Back the Clock Giveaway

12/15/15 Quarterly Co. Choice of Subscription Box Giveaway

Darlene C. is the winner!

12/15/15 Holiday Spectacular Giveaway

Lois J.

Laurie D.

Cheryl S

12/15/15 Pooch Perks Subscription Box Giveaway

Becky K. is the winner!

12/15/15 Rock N’ Learn Let’s Learn to Read Set Giveaway

David F. is the winner!

12/16/15 Children’s Book Subscription Box Giveaway

J. is the winner!

12/16/15 Age GRACEfully Cookbook Giveaway

Hilary M. is the winner!

12/16/15 Flat Iron Experts QT Wet-Dry Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Giveaway

Hilary M. is the winner!

12/17/15 My Friend Teddy Interactive Teddy Bear Giveaway

Darlene C. is the winner!

12/17/15 Aurorae Yoga Large Candle Giveaway

Nancy Burgess . is the winner!

12/17/15 Everything Doormat Giveaway *4* Winners

12/18/15 Ragú® new Spicy Italian Style Sauce Giveaway

Cathy French is the winner!

12/18/15 Women’s Microfleece Nightshirt Wardrobe Giveaway Event

12/21/15 JewelBits Subscription Box Giveaway

Dawn wright is the winner!

12/25/15 Educational Insights Giveaway

Debbie Clauer is the winner!

12/25/15 $25 in YumEarth Organic Candy Giveaway

Selinda McCumbers is the winner!

12/23/15 Beautiful Vegan Handbags From 88 – Giveaway

Kristi C.

12/25/15 Gifts for the Gang Giveaway

12/25/15 Love Goodly Subscription Box Giveaway *4* Winners

 William G.
 Sandra W.
 Jennifer R.
 Michelle M.

12/25/15 JClaw Tek Kodiak Survival Knife Giveaway *4* Winners

 Pauline W.
 Jim R.
 Heather P.
 Crystal G.

12/25/15 Winning Moves $50 in Choice of Games Giveaway

Joanne M.

Molli V.

Shea A.

Cindy L.

12/25/15 Yumms! Basting & Pastry Brush Giveaway

Rachel M.
Theresa J.
Shannon E.
Anna H.

12/25/15 Yumms! Grill Light Giveaway *4* Winners

Murry H.
Stephanie C.
Brandi D.

12/25/15 Think Fun Winners Choice Game Giveaway! *4* Winners

Cat C.
George-Ashley D.
Melissa W.
Nicole B.

12/25/15 Henry’s Big Star Adventure Book Giveaway

12/25/15 Box4Blox Storage Box for Lego’s Giveaway *4* Winners

Michelle H.
Carol G.
Mariah C.
Sandra W.

12/25/15 Aluminyze Custom Cell Phone Case Giveaway *4* Winners

Charna R.
Robin A.
Sharon K.
Sonya B.

12/25/15 Dreambaby® Safety/On the Go Prize Pack Giveaway *4* Winners

Kayla L.
Robin A.
Sarah P.
Mariah C.

12/25/15 SoapBox Elements Holiday Bundle Giveaway *4* Winners

Christina W.

Theresa N.

Lee D.

Jill R.

12/25/15 Yumms! Grill Mat Giveaway *4* Winners

Robin A.
Lisa A.
Patrick J.
Pam F.

12/25/15 Yumms! Slider Burger Press Giveaway *4* Winners

Jim R.
Richard B.
Heather P.
Stacey G.

12/25/15 intelliARMOR Screen Protector Giveaway! *4* Winners

Roy J.
Kim R.
Cori W.

12/25/15 Yumms! Aluminum Burger Press Giveaway *4* Winners

Joan K.
Sonya B.
Brad W.
Beth S.

12/25/15 Merseylea Backpack in a Pocket Giveaway *4* Winners

12/25/15 Zubels $25 Gift Card Giveaway *4* Winners

Tanya G.

Robin A.

Leanne G.

Tammy C.

12/25/15 Yumms! Burger Press Giveaway *4* Winners

Ashley M.
Mariah C.
Sandra W.

12/25/15 Yumms! BBQ Basting Brush Giveaway *4* Winners

Cindy B.
Amy P.
Rachel M.

12/25/15 Fun Sparks Jazzminton Game Giveaway *4* Winners

Darlene C.

Mariah C.

Mayla M.

Jennifer R.

12/25/15 Touch of Dazzle Locket & Card Gift Set Giveaway *4* Winners

12/25/15 White Salmon Wines Wine Lover Kit Giveaway *4* Winners

Mariah C.
Michele C.
Erica B.

12/25/15 Joyalplenty Beauty Giveaway *4* Winners

Sally W.
Denise W.
Michelle L.

12/25/15 CareMe Electronic Callus Remover Giveaway

Tanya V.

Michele L.

Amber D.

Theresa T.

12/25/15 Lloyd & Lucy’s Pet Supplies Hip & Joint Supplement

Mariah C.
Brooke P.
Barrie G.
George-Ashley D.

12/25/15 My Water Gallery Water Bottle Giveaway *4* Winners

Deborah C.
Jill T.
Sandra W.
Carrie E.

12/25/15 Sashka Bracelets Giveaway *4* Winners

Lisa C.
Leah C.
Sally G.
Dana C.

12/25/15 Alpsy Group Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking Giveaway *4* Winners

Billy L.
Sandy C.
Edna W.
Hargow W.

12/25/15 Alpsy Deshedding Tool Giveaway *4* Winners

Jill R.
Cristy R.
Jo N.
Ann C.

12/25/15 JClaw Tek LED Head Lamp *4* Winners

Elis B.
Brandi D.
Brad W.
Sharon K.

12/25/15 JClaw Tek Fire Talon Multi Tool *4* Winners

Shannon E.
Nancy S.
Sonya B.
Sally W.

12/25/15 Kobert International Waterproof (Deluxe Pro) Case *4* Winners

Nicole K.
Robin A.
Sonya B.
Sharon K.

12/25/15 Care Me Rechargeable Callous Remover Giveaway *4* Winners

Maryann D.
Kelley H.
Carol G.
Sandra W.

12/25/15 Brooklyn Bean Variety Pack Coffee Giveaway *4* Winners

Jeanine C.

Debbi O.

Tracie C.

Rachel M.

12/25/15 Kobert International Exercise Armband for Phone *4* Winners

Kathy H.
Jerry M.
Shannon O.

12/25/15 Teach My Deluxe Edition Giveaway *4* Winners

Crystal G.
LeAnn H.
Jennifer R.
Leanne G.

12/25/15 Karma Card Game by Set Games Giveaway *4* Winners

Jeanette S.
Brianna M.
Lisa W.
Molli V.

12/25/15 PumiPed Electronic Callus Remover Giveaway *4* Winners

Cat C.
Rachel M.
Karen D.

12/25/15 Two Rivers Variety Pack Coffee Giveaway *4* Winners

Alyce P.

Robin A.


Katie S.

12/25/15 Two Rivers Coffee Co. Friendly’s Variety Pack Giveaway *4* Winners

Mariah C.

Brandi D.

Michele C.

June C.

12/25/15 PumiPed Rechargeable Callus Remover Giveaway *4* Winners

Sherry G.

Theresa T.

Jerrica E.

Michelle M.

12/25/15 Le Top Complete Children’s Outfit Giveaway

Jerrica Evans is the winner!

12/26/15 The Popcorn Factory Happy New Year’s Giveaway

Nicholas W.
Diana S.

12/28/15 The Piano Guys Deluxe Live Album Features Audio + Video

Kelly M.

12/28/15 Lexi Walker – Debut Album Merry Christmas

Tony L.

12/28/15 Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook Giveaway

Danielle J.

12/31/15 BeKOOOL Soft Gel Sheets for Kids

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  1. Barbara Montag
    December 18, 2015 at 1:27 am

    Wow lots of winners – congratulations to you all!

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