Making The Perfect Pork Roast – 3 Meals



There are a lot of ways to make the perfect pork roast or in my case pork loin.  A lot of my friends have complained that their pork comes out tough and dry.  Here is how I cook a pork loin.  Our family of 4 will get 3 meals or more out of this.  I first make a pork dinner, then usually a casserole and soup out of the remainder.  This loin was 7.43 at Meijers.


First I cut mine down the center and put minced garlic down the middle.  I then season to taste.  I like using seasoning salt, pepper and a pinch of celery seed.  You don’t want to add too much garlic or celery seed or it will make the meat bitter.  When adding seasoning I put some along the side .  I add a cup of water to the pan and cook covered on 350F for 3 hours.


Covering this, will help make it’s own juice which you can put aside and save for your soup at a later date.  My pork literally falls apart and is delicious.


Dinner #1

Sliced Pork

Mashed Potatoes




Dinner #2

Mushroom Soup, Pork and Broccoli baked in a pan and served over rice


Dinner #3

Bean Soup with left over Pork, Beans, Carrots and Celery


I don’t serve these meals consecutively.  I usually freeze a portion of the pork in it’s juices for the soup to use another time.  I will make Dinner #2 a couple of days after we had the pork dinner.

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