scientific organics Coconut-Argan Body Oil

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With in the last 6 months I’ve learned how important body oil is for maintaining my best skin.  I’ve always had dry skin and I had a small rash I thought from my skin having too much oil so when I moisturized I avoided that area.  Come to find out it’s was a dry skin rash.  Since I’ve been using skin oil on a regular basis combined with skin care cream my skin has been smooth and baby soft.  In fact, my husband was rubbing my shoulders and mentioned that my skin was smooth and softer than it had been in a long time.


Recently, I was treated to emerginc, scientific organics Coconut-Argan Body Oil.  This oil come in a spray pump bottle so it eliminates any mess an oil can create.  Simply spray it on and smooth it over your skin.  It has left my skin not just hydrated but feeling good too.


About the product:

coconut-argan body oil

Antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic, clove is also known for its stimulating properties and can be found in this luxurious body oil that locks in moisture for a radiant glow.

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