The Thin White Duke Will Live On In His Music


Last week I voicetrously cheered when I heard that David Bowie had released a new album and on his Birthday no less. As soon as I walked in the door I told my husband we’re getting the NEW David Bowie album. He too agreed that it was going to the top of our musical wish list.


This morning I woke to the shock that he had passed away from liver cancer. Like most everyone else I didn’t even know he had been ill. He was always pale and thin looking. I hadn’t seen any updated photos except his new video, which if you’re a David Bowie fan wouldn’t have raised red flags.

I’m proud to say that my kids loved David Bowie too. His music was different and timeless. He had his own unique sound that always seems futuristic to me. While I didn’t know him personally in his interviews he always seemed genuinely nice and kind. We could all use a good example to be kind.


My husband grew up loving Major Tom and ironically we were listening to his Vinyl Album David Bowie over the Christmas Holiday. Our family sat around our new Record Machine as though it were the 50s or 60s and listened. Our boys love this album.

I grew up listening to Let’s Dance. I love that album but I like all of his music. The amount of music he made in his life time is amazing and staying true to himself while doing so even more amazing.


I will always remember David Bowie as himself and dressed in his costumes. He was definitely a man before his time. Many are saying his new album Blackstar is his final gift to his fans but I don’t agree. He left us the gift of music that will live on forever, and started 50 years ago!

Lazarus from Blackstar

RIP David Bowie

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