1Easylife H792 6-side Stainless Steel Cheese Box Grater

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1Easylife H792 6-side Stainless Steel Cheese Box Grater for Cheese, Parmesan, Vegetable

I shred a lot of my own cheese and I shred many of or vegetables to go into various dishes. Having a good quality grater on hand is important and the 1Easylife H792 6 Sided Stainless Steel Cheese Box Grater works like a charm. I have cut my hand on our dull cheap grater for the last time. This box grater is sharp and helps me get my job done fast. It cleans up and washes easily.


About the product:

  • GREAT GRATER WITH WOOD-LIKE HANDLE – This naturally wooden-like inspired grater will get the job done without giving you any hassle when grating with stainless steel sharp Blades that are rust proof. It has Solid Ergonomic nonslip ABS handle reduces pressure and fatigue on your hand for smooth effortless grating and durable enough for all grating session.
  • NONSLIP RIM BASE ENSURE SAFETY AND STABILITY – These graters are very convenient and safe no risk grating your fingers, they work efficiently, you’ll love the rubber on bottom of this grater that provides stability on a countertop it won’t slips around and you have to grate straight up and down with your other hand and it will makes you feel comfortable to have to grate with sturdy blades and deep grater holes giving you a uniform shreds.
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY AND PERFORMANCE IN YOUR KITCHEN – You’ll love everything about this grating box from the round wooden like handle that fits your hand perfectly and sturdy sharp grating blade make it easy to use- and quick to finish grating cheeses, ginger, veggies, etc, down to the nonslip bottom that it won’t let you down for any future culinary efforts, this top-of-the-line box grater is made of 18/10 stainless steel No rust and solid construction giving you a long life service.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, REST ASSURED TO BUY – Ultimate grating experience with easy to clean Grater box just place it under the running water and scrub lightly with a soft sponge. This box grater doesn’t required lot of scrubbing with a brush to clean off all of the little holes or just toss it in the dishwasher, This Chef’s Grade grater is back up by 18 Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • SIX SIDES TO SLICE, GRATE OR SHRED FOODS – 6 specialized stainless-steel surfaces quickly prep your ingredients, strong looking blades that appear on the large graters, but are also on the small graters in a way that they fit appropriately. To grate extra-fine for foods such as parmesan cheese, potato for SWISS POTATO PANCAKE and fine chocolate for decorating desserts, zests lemons and limes in seconds, Coarse blade for hard vegetables such as cabbage or carrots Ultra-coarse blade to grate soft vegetables or cheeses Parmesan blade for hard cheeses Shave blade for chocolate or cheese Slice blade to quickly prepare vegetables.

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