Rethinking Food Pantries & It Started With An Onion



Earlier this week I was looking for dinner ideas to make.  Our groceries are low so I knew I would be limited on ideas and then I went to grab an onion.  The onion bag was empty.  I stood there thinking “now what?”.  It isn’t that we didn’t have other food in the house it was that I was stuck because everything in my recipe book and in my mind needed an onion.


This of course was irrational thinking.  We had other things in the house to cook with and throw together, but I stood there thinking how I could get an onion.  I sat down to the computer and started to type in the items I had in the pantry and freezer and stopped.  I started thinking I have a nice pantry and freezer full of items and I’m struggling to think of  and fix a meal because I’m missing one onion.  What about the people who’s pantries are empty?  That they lack canned goods, meat and fresh foods?  What do they make?


The food pantries in our area are struggling and while I’m out I pick up a few extra canned goods to drop off, things I think others can use.  I’ve even went so far as to do chili fixings or easy to make meals but I never thought to drop off a bag of onions, potatoes or other produce that lasts a long time.  Furthermore, with the state that our area is in at the moment, I think fresh anything would be gone quickly.

Chili 1

When I have fresh food on hand I can make almost anything or just throw something together.  “Add another potato to the pot” if you will, and feed my family.  While we can’t wipe out world hunger any time soon we can start wiping out hunger right here in the USA.


What is the state of your local food pantries?  If it’s anything like ours they’re in dire need of help.  When you’re making a meal think of what you’re adding to the dish and make a list of items that you can donate that will make a difference to someone else.


Would you rather make a monetary donation?  Try No Kid Hungry.  Their website is full of stories, solutions and how to take action.

3 comments for “Rethinking Food Pantries & It Started With An Onion

  1. Katherine
    January 24, 2016 at 2:06 pm

    I wish more people would think like this. That’s a great idea to donate complete fixings for a meal. I found myself in a position needing food pantry help and let me just say I’m greatful they are available however, I also found myself getting items like canned fish, way expired food and things I possibly could not make any meal of. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we have food pantries but I wish people would put a bit more thought into what they donate.

  2. Ellen
    February 2, 2016 at 3:10 am

    So many times people just dont think of this unless its the holidays. We have a great program here, the deer hunters who want to donate, buy their tags, hunt and donate the meat. Protein is always in short supply at the food banks.
    The problem lies in that people can only go once a month, and the food they get lasts maybe a few days.
    I volunteer at a church’s food giveaway site, and luckily, fresh produce and second harvest are passed out. There is also a lunch provided.
    It really sickens me in one of the wealthiest nations one in 5 people are food insecure. Look around in a group…. nd imagine how it feels to not know what the next meal will be….

  3. Toni
    February 27, 2016 at 11:25 am

    Our food pantries are always in need of help, esp. fresh produce, but when they ask for help publicly our wonderful city comes through. It would be nice if people just did it on a regular basis instead of just when asked through the media.

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