3-Piece Nonslip Cutting Board Set

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CC Boards – 3-Piece Nonslip Cutting Board Set: Juice groove stops meat and vegetable spills; nonskid for chopping and dicing; plastic cutting surface will not dull kitchen knives; dishwasher safe

I am always looking for different sized cutting boards, because as a mother I am always cutting and cooking for my family.  These cutting boards are great.  I love the fact that they came in a set of three.  The 3-Piece Nonslip Cutting Board Set is wonderful.  I now have a cutting board for the different things that I am cutting. One for only meat and the other to are for either fruits or veggies.  The little one is a perfect fit for my children to use when they want to help cut up the veggies for what I am cooking. These are also dishwasher safe, so this way I know that they are getting sanitized after each use.
Each cutting board has a grove in them so they can catch the juice from what ever you are cutting from the raw chicken or beef all the way down to the juicy watermelon.  This mean less spills and felling like my kitchen is contaminated.


About the product:

Slice and Dice Ingredients While Preserving Your Knives!
The CC Boards 3-Piece Nonslip Cutting Board Set offers versatility in the kitchen for busy cooks! Multiple cutting boards prevent cross-contamination when preparing meals that require slicing and dicing of meat, vegetables and fresh herbs.

With CC Boards cutting boards, your knives retain sharp edges through repetitive chopping and cutting actions. Our cutting boards are made of polypropylene, which discourages food from slipping under the knife edge while you are chopping. The boards will also remain firmly in place on the countertop as you prepare your ingredients. No assembly required – just wash your new boards and prepare dinner tonight!

– Perfect cutting board sizes for preparing small or large quantities of ingredients
– Designate one board for each type of food to prevent cross-contamination
– Juice groove around the cutting surface will catch liquid to keep the countertop clean
– Dishwasher-safe cutting boards will not warp or discolor
– Store these boards anywhere within convenient reach of the sink or stove
– Stylish boards can remain on the countertop for use throughout the day

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