FlightHub’s hacks to staying Zen while traveling

FlightHub’s hacks to staying Zen while traveling

As people who travel, our trips abroad are meant to be an escape from the daily grind and chronic stress that plagues us. We’re told time and time again how stress can negatively impact our state of mind and  well-being. With this in mind, FlightHub reviews the ways in which you can keep Zen even in the most trying of travel circumstances.

Be prepared

Unless you’re someone who truly enjoys the spontaneity of life, being prepared and organized prior to your trip is an excellent way in keeping your wits (and sanity) with you while you travel. Creating an itinerary prior to your trip, along with organizing all your travel documents in a central location will make sure to keep you on schedule at all times.

Apps are available for both android and iPhones that facilitate and streamline your travel itinerary, and will organize everything from alerts to gate changes for your flights, to reminders of when and where your next excursion is, making sure you’re on time for everything you’ve planned.

Get  comfortable

Making sure you’re wearing comfortable attire while traveling is essential in keeping to the Zen-process.  Forget about uptight travel style of blazers and spiffy shirts, instead opt for some athleisure wear such as yoga pants, loose fitting tops, and most importantly cozy socks.

While on your travel journey, keeping hydrated is also very important. We often forget that our bodies tend to bloat while up in the air, despite being simultaneously dehydrated. FlightHub encourages you to bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up prior to boarding your flight (but after you pass security!) which will let you keep hydrated on your flight. If you can, make sure to bring your moisturizer with you while on the plane as well, as the recycled air causes your skin to dry out faster than you may be used to.

Let your mind go

If you tend to be a nervous flyer, then FlightHub suggests mastering the art of distraction to keep you Zen while on the plane.

Practicing your breathing while on a plane (especially during take-off) is one of the many ways in which you can keep your cool and sanity in check. Simply begin by placing both palms on your knees, close your eyes (or if you prefer to keep them open, focus them on a single point ahead of you), and slowly count up to ten while inhaling. At ten, hold your breath for an additional two seconds, then slowly release your breath through your mouth. Repeating this process for as long as necessary until you reach a state of calmness, then sit back and relax for your flight to your final destination.

If you need a distraction and breathing isn’t working for you, FlightHub recommends pulling out that new book you got and powering through, or listening to whatever music that’ll get you to the same place. If all else fails, take a gravol and fall into a gentle sleep (if the flight is long enough!).

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