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How to keep up with your physio workouts while travelling

For many of us, we’ll experience some kind of injury at one point or another throughout our life. If we decide to be responsible with our bodies and injury, we’ll be proactive and see a doctor or physiotherapist who’ll guide us on the right course of action to fixing the injury. But as anyone who’s ever gone to physio knows, keeping up with these exercises can be a challenge, and especially so if we’re travelling abroad.  For this reason, FlightHub reviews all the best ways in keeping your body in check while traveling.

When you’re on the plane

Move around… a lot. This may be annoying for some passengers, but you know what’s also annoying?  Sciatica that pinches every nerve of your lower back to your legs. So long as you’re not be obstructive to the work of the flight attendants and not overtly annoying to passengers, try to get in some serious aisle-walking if you can.

Stretching is also a great option, but can be a little bit cumbersome in such a tiny space. With this in mind, try optimizing your movements and stretches so that they don’t interfere with other passengers. For example, don’t do a downward dog in the middle of the aisle, instead try and preform a similar stretching movement while upright on a solid wall (or bathroom).

FlightHub also recommends getting compression socks or stockings. There isn’t a flight attendant out there that’ll tell you they don’t swear by these things, as the compression fabric helps in circulation for those working in the air, as well as people who are sitting down for extended periods of time (you, the passenger). There’s no need to get a prescription pair of socks or pantyhose, you can find a generic brand at your local pharmacy and it’ll work just fine.

At your accommodations

First things first, see if your accommodations has space for you to do your full physio workout. Hotel gyms run on separate schedules from most of the amenities in the hotel, so be sure to check the times and availabilities with your concierge.

If this isn’t the case, some hotels oftentimes offer their guests yoga mats and other fitness equipment on  a per-request basis. FlightHub encourages you to try and replicate as much of your home physio workout as you can while also utilizing some odd props as exercise equipment. Have a bathrobe? Use the belt for hamstring stretches, quad stretches, or even shoulder stretches. Did you find a tennis ball? This is a great and handy little tool to massage out your feet from a long day of sightseeing, or use it to massage the knots from your quads (you know they’re there). If a tennis ball won’t do the trick, try finding either a sturdy water bottle, or a wine bottle, and massage out your quads that way.

Top it off with a steam

With all that hard work you should treat yourself to a quick steam! Cover the base of the bathroom door with a towel and heat that baby up with the shower! Enjoy some relaxing time to yourself and get in some extra stretches if you can!

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