2016 Super Bowl 50 Performance Critiques


cold play
Sometimes, less is more and that would have been the case with this year performance. The Super Bowl is not a place to make a statement. It’s a place to have fun, have a party and celebrate.



Poor Cold Play, who opened with a high energy performance featuring Chris Martin was doing a fabulous job. It was fun and flirty, though Chris Martain’s mic wasn’t turned up enough to feature his singing. Then Bruno Mars was introduced and led into a performance from Beyonce, who overpowered the Cold Play performance.



Bruno Mars gave a fun performance, but more a featured performer performance. Not one where each person/group should be respected. Then Beyonce and her chicks marched on the field making a Black Panther’s statement. Maybe it was because the Panthers were playing, or maybe it was the debut of her new song Formation. Whatever the case the song was not family friendly, making it not Super Bowl friendly. Didn’t Pepsi learn a lesson with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake?



The theme was Past, Present and future and Cold Play featured past Super Bowl performances which WAS appropriate. Bruno Mars and Up Town Funk was fun and energizing. Bringing Beyonce, Bruno and Cold Play together in song was excellent and treat for the eyes and ears but Cold Play was overpowered by the other two performers and the themes didn’t fit.

lady gaga

Last, but certainly NOT least, Lady Gaga.  Many times I’m unimpressed with her attention antics but last night she nailed it.  She showed class, talent, style and modern elegance.  Her voice was spot on and not the traditional boring National Anthem.  She missed no notes and hit each high note with finesse and professionalism.  Her performance should be an example for artists to come!

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  1. Christina A.
    February 14, 2016 at 5:18 pm

    I thought Beyonce did such a good job! She’s timeless!

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