TKO Ab Stretch 4-Way Resistance Bands

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More than losing weight my constant battle is staying fit and eating better.  In the winter here in snow covered Michigan that can be difficult.  I recently received the TKO Resistance Bands for review and I’m really enjoying them.  They are super easy to use and get me off the couch and moving.


These have adjustable tension, are portable and light weight. They easily fit in a purse or backpack for trips and vacations. So if you’re still trying hard to stick to a healthier lifestyle for 2016 this is super great place to start!



About The Company

TKO launched into the fitness scene in 1996. Founded by Garry Kurtz, TKO was first a boxing equipment company, but has evolved into a health and fitness equipment, accessory and apparel lifestyle-brand. Under the leadership of Kurtz, TKO is committed to building a brand comprised of high quality,  innovative products that are accessibly priced and support wellness and healthy living. Most of Kurtz’s life has been in the fitness arena, first as a power lifter and then as a product innovator, so TKO’s progression to global fitness product leader is a path that is inevitable.



Every product not only looks inviting and contemporary, but is designed to endure the busy lifestyles of its savvy consumers. Presently, the TKO assortment includes boxing gloves, punching towers (from its early days), cross fit equipment to body balls, yoga mats, fitness electronics, dumbbells, kettle balls, newly added agility training accessories and more. A recent addition that TKO is committed to designing and marketing is its unparalleled collection of fitness studio to street apparel and its full line of athletic legwear that provides a functional finishing touch to every workout. Hats, gloves and scarves are launching, as well.


Adjustable Resistance Bands, such as TKO’s 4-way resistance bands, tighten abs and sculpt arms and back. Resistance Bands build core muscles while enhancing strength and flexibility. This exercise item is a smart addition to a complete upper and lower body workout. Easy to use, it is also super-portable and perfect for those on-the-go and its adjustable tension for varied resistance helps customize a daily workout. Also retailing for $12.99, it has never been more effortless or affordable to stay in shape.  With time constraints, an emphasis on convenience and more people telecommuting, exercising at home is showing no sign of slowing.  From a simple corner to an elaborate home gym, all types of equipment and accessories are as common as furniture for today’s health-driven consumers. Many popular exercise routines of today, necessitate accessories such as mats, balls, and specialized products for yoga, Pilates, muscle toning and strength training. TKO makes a full home workout possible for a small sum of money.

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  1. Maryann D.
    February 14, 2016 at 8:04 am

    These stretch bands do seem like a wonderful way to get some exercise. I always feel good after stretching too.

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