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A few years ago an Etsy company, selling Redemption Rings opened my eyes to human trafficking. I had the thought “Yeah, right. Human trafficking doesn’t happen in the USA!” WRONG! Boy was I wrong. With a little bit of internet searching I found that not only does it happen in the USA it happens often.

Since then it’s been on my radar, but not just here in the US but in foreign lands as well. It’s sad and it’s a hard life. Poverty, is the root of so much evil. Parents with out the money to properly care for their family will sell a child into slavery for just $90.

The Justice Network is working to end injustice for all. It started with two moms praying together, aching over the colossal issue of human trafficking. Within a month, Justice Network grew into a diverse group of passionate individuals meeting regularly, all desiring to do something … anything that would lead to full abolition and restoration. Justice Network was born.


Based in northern New Jersey, the group holds monthly meetings to plan, pray and act. Events include cooperative efforts with other anti-trafficking organizations that raise awareness and funds.  Their purpose is to EDUCATE, EQUIP and EMPOWER our friends and neighbors to become abolitionists.

This isn’t a small problem this is a 36 million strong problem. It is estimated that 36 million people are salves today. What can you do to help? First check out the website for more information.

Buy fair trade products when possible and as gifts for family and friends. Share this information with others and let them know that you want to help. Contact our government representatives. Donate and if you can’t donate stay informed so that you know what is going on.

2 comments for “Join the Justice Network And Stop Human Trafficking

  1. Jo-Ann Brightman
    February 19, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    I am glad that there are groups like this which try to address this problem.

  2. michelle combs
    February 20, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    this is a great cause, human trafficing is a terrible situation

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