Great New Music Artist You Should Check Out – BØRNS



OMG! OMG! Like OMG! (In a Valley Girl voice) I found a new to me artist. LOVE him too. Have you heard of BØRNS? How did I miss him and his October 2015 debut album Dopamine? Garrett Borns from Michigan too is a fabulous Indie Pop Artist that I wish to get to know better. I heard his song Electric Love while flipping channels in the car today. They didn’t announce who it was and I came home on a mission. To find out who was singing Electric Love.

While I generally don’t like to compare artists he reminds me a little of Florence and the Machine. This is definitely like a Synthpop and watching his videos may just put of you a trip but it’s good. It’s new and fresh and made me smile.  Maybe it’s spring fever but this is just the right artist to freshen my music collection!

1 comment for “Great New Music Artist You Should Check Out – BØRNS

  1. Paula
    March 10, 2016 at 6:00 pm

    I so Love getting introduced to new songs/new artists. I really like this! So not only did I hear a great new artist but was introduced to a genre of music that I would never have thought of listening to myself! Too Cool! THANKS!!

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