New Essential Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

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Tranquility Essential Oils for Anxiety & Stress Relief – 100% Pure & Natural – Therapeutic Grade for Calming & Peace – 1.7 fl oz/ 50ml

This essential oil smells really nice and is comforting.  It has been given the right name tranquility.  You only need a drop or two of oil to spread on your skin.  The scent is relaxing and nice.  I used a little bit of this in my misting humidifier and it left a very nice, relaxing scent in the living room.  I even found my self sniffing the air.


About the product:

100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade for Peace and Calming Purposes
*Volume: 50m/ 1.7 fl oz
* Ingredients: Vanilla, Orange Sweet, Rose Maroc, Geranium China, Olive Virgin, Sunflower oil, Evening Primrose oil and Jojoba oil
* Concentration: 7%
* Shelf life: 36 months (Keep it in a dry and cool place.)
*Directions:Use it 15 minutes before taking a bath to prevent feeling greasy. Apply right amount to skin and massage gently, move toward the direction of the heart. Can be used while taking a bath by adding 3 teaspoons into the bathtub. Best in relieving stress, nervousness and restlessness. For best results, use it regularly (once or twice a day).
*Cautions: For external use only. Consult a doctor first if you are pregnant or have physical trauma. Keep the rim clean and the bottle tightly closed to prevent oil from spoiling.

1 comment for “New Essential Oil for Anxiety and Stress Relief

  1. shannon fowler
    March 29, 2016 at 10:25 pm

    i love using essential oils. they really do help although when I am anxious I forget for some reason.

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