Why Weighing Yourself Could Help You Lose Weight



For years I didn’t step on a scale and then in 2013 I was invited into the Shaklee weight loss program.  This was a few years ago now.  So I bit the dust, got a scale and was horrified.  I started the weight loss program and it helped me start eating healthier.  After I was done with their blogging program I had lost 47 lbs.  I was super proud.  I still had a long way to go but I was not about to put that weight back on.  I weighed myself every other day almost religiously.


For 3 years I’ve kept off that weight and have been proud until a couple of months ago.  I fell off the wagon so to speak.  It started because I had knee pain, the fact that it costs a fortune to go to the doctor even with insurance, and everything spiraled from there.


I KNEW I had gained weight and I pictured the worst.  I just KNEW I had gained back all 47 lbs and then some.  The last few days I’m back on track and working hard.  I’m trying to push through the knee pain and thanks to much incentive from my good friend Karie at The Five Fish, I’m in the right mind set.  So this morning I got brave and stepped on the scale.  I did gain, but no where NEAR what I had been envisioning in my mind.  No where near the point of no return.  Nope I had gained an unlucky 13 lbs.  While that’s quite a bit it’s no where near gaining all I’d lost and it’s very doable for me to drop with in a month with some hard work.


With the nice weather, encouragement from a good friend and my family, I’m back on the road to losing.  I didn’t gain my weight over night and I don’t expect to lose it over night.  My expectations are to lose slow and steady.  To stay fit and healthy, and most of all to keep what I do lose off.  The best way to hold myself accountable is to keep stepping on the scale every other day.

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