May Winners

May Winners


05/02/16 Scrubba Bag – Earth Day Giveaway

Jenn H.

05/05/16 Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production Season 1 DVD Giveaway

Tammy C.

Kayla R.

Mary A.

05/05/16 Superior Source Vitamins 6 Pack RV $100

Erica Bertulis is the winner!

05/06/16 $50 Gift Card to Little Caesars

Tamra H is the winner!

05/07/16 Court Classic Shoes Winners Choice of Color RV$44.99

Joel Lopez is the winner!

05/07/16 Handheld or Wallmount Aromatheraphy Shower Head RV $85

Jerry Marquardt is the winner!

05/07/16 How To Build A Gingerbread House by Christina Banner Giveaway *4* Winners

Tracy R.

Karen M.

Renee R.

Robin A.

05/06/16 Assortment Chapul Bars and Package of Protein Flour Giveaway


05/09/16 Touch of Dazzle Giveaway

r. leonard is a winner!
C. King is a winner!

05/09/16 Kinsa Smart Thermometer Giveaway

05/10/16 $25 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

05/12/16 Care Me 3 in 1 Ceramic Hair Straightener Giveaway

i. is the winner!

05/12/16 Travalo Mother’s Day Giveaway

Nathan K. is the winner!

05/13/16 Winning Moves Games Mother’s Day Giveaway

LeAnn H. is the winner!

05/13/16 Luxe Organix Argan Oil Styling Cream Giveaway

 Karen M.
 Barrie M.
 Kathy P.
 Joe G.
 Katherine R.

05/15/16 Dreft Giveaway Package RV$75

Cheryl b. is the winner!

05/16/16 Mother’s Day Sashka Bracelets Giveaway

Heather P. is a winner!
Rose S. is a winner!
Jaime C. is a winner!
A. is a winner!

05/17/16 Mother’s Day Everything Doormats & Yard Flags Sassafras Giveaway

Lisa A. is the winner!

05/17/16 Organo Oils Giveaway

Christina B. is a winner!
Kathy R. is a winner!

05/18/16 Mother’s Day Handbag Light Giveaway

J. is a winner!
LeAnn H. is a winner!
s. is a winner!
Sandy C. is a winner!
b. is a winner!

05/18/16 Teach My Kindergartener Giveaway

J. is the winner!

05/18/16 Welcome To The Having Fun In The Kitchen Giveaway

Amanda J. is the winner!

05/18/16 Lugz Zrocs Mother’s Day Giveaway

Allyson B. is the winner!

05/18/16 OneStepAhead Travel Solutions Giveaway

james d. is a winner!
kassie s. is a winner!
amy w. is a winner!
Erica B. is a winner!
Lisa V. is a winner!

05/18/16 Women Casual Totes 4 Piece Set Bags Giveaway

Michele is the winner!

05/19/16 1byone Belt Driven Turntable Giveaway

05/19/16 LatchPal Giveaway

05/19/16 Clever Yoga Towel and Hand Towel Combo Set Giveaway!

Gabrielle L. is the winner!

05/19/16 Mother’s Day Against the Wild 2 Giveaway!

J. is a winner!
Traci U. is a winner!

05/20/16 Ristroller Giveaway

Melissa C. is the winner!

05/20/16 BO-PO Nail Polish Giveaway!

sherry b. is a winner!
b. is a winner!
Jennifer H. is a winner!

05/20/16 Renegade NW 4 in 1 Wine Opener Giveaway!

Karla R. is the winner!

05/23/16 Mother’s Day AromaSense Shower Head Giveaway!

Lauryn R. is the winner!

05/23/16 Mother’s Day Trump Coffee Giveaway

05/23/16 IntelliARMOR Tech Challenges Giveaway

Kristina P. is a winner!
b. is a winner!

05/23/16 Violife Viossentials Giveaway

vickie c. is the winner!

05/23/16 Newman’s Own Organics Snack Package Giveaway

Susan E. is the winner!

05/23/16 LOOM Ballpoint pen By Faber Castell Giveaway

LeAnn H. is the winner!

05/23/16 Mother’s Day iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer Giveaway

Cindy M. is the winner!

05/24/16 RestOn Smart Sleep Monitor Sleepace Giveaway

05/24/16 Nutri Maqui Giveaway

JIll R. is the winner!

05/24/16 Nu Yuu Top 6 Essential Oil Set Giveaway

Amanda D. is the winner!

05/25/16 Syllable D700 Bluetooth 4.0 Earbuds Giveaway

Traci U. is the winner!

05/25/16 Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream Giveaway

Alicia H. is the winner!

05/26/16 Paul Pet Products Giveaway

LeAnn H. is the winner!

05/26/16 PumPedi Rechargeable Callus Remover Giveaway

Cheryl E. is the winner!

05/27/13 Himalayan Salt Lamp Giveaway

Shanna B. is the winner!

05/30/16 Memorial Day Giveaway Assorted Prizes *4* Winners

Jo-Ann B. is a winner!
L. is a winner!
Terri I. is a winner!
Deborah W. is a winner!

05/30/16 Father’s Day Alkaline88 Alkaline Water Giveaway

Christie T. is the winner!

05/31/16 Father’s Day Improvement Books Giveaway

S. is a winner!
Heather P. is a winner!
Laura R. is a winner!

05/31/16 $100 In Products from AC Lens Giveaway

LeAnn H. is the winner!

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  1. Julie Smith
    May 31, 2016 at 8:58 am

    Congratulations to all of the winners!

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