All Natural Shoe Deodorizing Inserts by Sagano


Here in Northern Michigan our boots and shoes get wet on a regular basis and it causes them to retain bad odors. The Sagano Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers help dry our shoes out and eliminate the odor before it can start. I have given a pair of these to my sons for each pair of their tennis shoes and boots with strict orders that when their shoes come off they inserts go in. This has helped eliminate the basic boy stench as well as the wet shoe stink they track in.


About the product:

  • QUALITY ACTIVATED CHARCOAL THAT EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE ODORS: Activated charcoal is a highly porous deodorizer material that has a powerful ability to attract, adsorb, and remove not only unpleasant smells but also other impurities in the air. So you will not only get rid of stink, you’ll also improve air quality.HELPS ABSORB MOISTURE: This Activated Charcoal shoe odour remover works on preventing and eliminating the main cause of bad odour – moisture. By absorbing the wetness and neutralizing the air humidity in your shoes, gloves, gym bags, boots, luggage, and other smelly items, odour-causing microbes have no place to survive. Therefore your shoes will stay clean and fresh all the time.PS SHOES FRESH AND DRY: By inserting one of these Activated Carbon deodoriser bags in your shoes, you can keep your old or new shoes dry and free from feet smell. Now you can smile next time you wear them!MADE FROM ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This shoe odour remover is made from pure Activated Charcoal. It’s free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients.

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