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It’s that time of year again, when people are looking for heat sources. Many of these people can’t afford warmth. Warmth comes in many forms from heating our homes, a hot meal, warm coats and even warm bedding. These are things many of us take for granted.


However, it took one year of our family running out of wood to really appreciate being warm in the winter. While we were able to keep our home semi warm in other ways it was an important lesson not just for us but our children as well. The lesson being that there are people who can’t afford gas and electric and have NO heat. In Michigan where the temps can get -20 and colder this is a big deal.


No heat means you’re cold. Young or old this is uncomfortable and dangerous to your health. No heat means your water pipes freeze and you have no water. That means no bathing, which you probably didn’t want to do in a cold house anyway. No heat means no sleep. No heat can also mean death.


While people in the south can relate I don’t think they can relate to the heating bills we have here in the north. People who have low incomes many times live in homes that lack proper insulation and face poor heating choices (worn out furnaces, unsafe heating sources). Add to that the price of fuel and electricity and your energy costs can easily surpass your monthly rent and mortgage. I’m not talking about keeping your home at a comfy 70. No we’re talking barely above freezing.

Thawfund.Org helps families keep warm. With 40% of Michigan households struggling to afford their basic needs cold weather can deliver a death blow. While I’m not fond of promoting and dealing with utility companies DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, SEMCO Energy, Detroit Water and Sewerage as well as the United Way 2-1-1 are willing to help.

Take a few moments to check out the Thawfund.org or investigate how you can help others in your own area.

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  1. Lynne B
    October 5, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    Kudos to you for bringing attention to an organization that helps those in need in your state!

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