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I’m doing a lot of shopping lately, tis the season.   No not just the holiday season but almost everyone’s Birthday on both sides of the family starts in October and they end in January.  I like to get my Birthday shopping done early so that I can enjoy picking out items for each individual person and I like shopping from home.  I decided this year with all the ordering I do I’m going to I’m going to sign up for a shopping portal.  More specifically Giving Assistant.
I chose Giving Assistant because while the are a for-profit business they are also make charitable contributions.  Their Mission Statement is:
To transform the everyday shopping of millions of people into charitable action, by being the best loyalty program for earning cash back and supporting charity with ease.
It’s really easy to sign up you add your email address and set up a password.  Then you set up your account by adding your name, choosing a charity and deciding if you want a portion of the money you save to be donated to them.  Decide how you’d like to be paid via Paypal or a Check and start shopping.  Giving Assistant even provides a button on your computer to help remind you to go through their site for your purchases.
When you visit the Giving Assistant website you first get to see featured stores and the percentage they are giving back to their customers.  I was thrilled to see eBags is giving 12% back at the moment.
Scroll down a little further and you can shop featured deals.  One I like that is being featured right now is 20% off sitewide + Free Shipping on $49+ at eBags.
Combine these two deals and I’m hitting a homerun in savings.  My husbands mom and my sister in law are both lovers of handbags and I know I can find an item they’ll both love here.

So take a few moments to have a look around at Giving Assistant and see how much you can be saving by shopping stores you order from all the time.


1 comment for “Shop & Save With Giving Assistant

  1. Amber Ludwig
    March 24, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Ooh I love this!! I adore companies and programs that give back to people and organizations that help others!!

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