December 2016 Winners



12/01/16 Cardio Dance Hoop Giveaway

R. is the winner!

12/01/16 Learning Resources Giveaway

molli v. is the winner!

12/02/16 Thinkfun Giveaway *3* Winners

cindy l. is a winner!
susan s. is a winner!
kim k. is a winner!

12/02/16 Home Chef Giveaway

Will G. is the winner!

12/02/16 My Friend Cayla Party Time Giveaway

Julie L.

12/02/16 New Recipes For The New Year Giveaway *3* Winners

Kathy R. is a winner!
cindy l. is a winner!
kim k. is a winner!

12/03/16 Peach Skin Sheets Winners Choice RV$55

Melissa Crisp is the winner!

12/03/16 Primal Essence Choice of 3 Organic Herbal Super Teas & 3 Infused Coconut Oils

Janice gabriel is the winner!

12/03/16 Brentwood Home Sleep Wellness Bundle Giveaway!

Cynthia C.

12/05/16 Green Goo $50 GC Giveaway *2* Winners

12/05/16 Holiday Giveaway Spectacular Week Four

Sheri N.

12/05/16 Callahan Creations Family Name Sign Giveaway

Samantha E. is the winner!

12/06/16 John Boos Maple End Grain Chopping Block Giveaway #SMGN

Roxann Trexel is the winner!

12/06/16 Educational Insights Giveaway

12/07/16 Sound + Sleep Special Edition Giveaway

Cheryl A. is the winner!

12/08/16 Learn A New Craft Giveaway

c. is a winner!
James S. is a winner!
Nancy B. is a winner!

12/08/16 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Unlock The Weird Giveaway

12/09/16 Simply Fit Giveaway

Austin B. is the winner!

12/11/16 bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Cleaner & Mop Giveaway #SMGN

Sharon Stratton is the winner!

12/12/16 MocaHeart Giveaway

L. is the winner!

12/12/16 Click & Grow Holiday Bundle Giveaway

Saundra K. Warren is the winner!

12/12/16 Holiday Giveaway Spectacular Week 5

Holly T

12/13/16 Let the Little Children Come Giveaway

Angel H.

12/13/16 timi & leslie Rachel 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set Giveaway

Rebecca L. is the winner!

12/14/16 Huge Children’s Book 8 winners Giveaway

Shauna C. is a winner!
Tiffany C. is a winner!
Darlene O. is a winner!
Kristine P. is a winner!
Nadine S. is a winner!
L. is a winner!
J. is a winner!
LeAnn H. is a winner!

12/15/16 $300 Christmas Cash Giveaway *WorldWide*

Christy P.

12/16/16 Christmas Book Collection From Hatchette Book Group Gift Guide Giveaway

Sheryl F.
Lisa W.

12/18/16 iClever Limited Edition Holiday Headphones *2* Winners

George C.
Megan C.

12/18/16 Libre Tea Glass Gift Set Giveaway

Kerry P.

12/19/16 The Baby Sleep Site Consultation Package Giveaway

Cheryl E. is the winner!

12/19/16 Put Me In The Story Giveaway *2* Winners

12/20/16 La Newborn Realistic Baby Doll Soft Basket Set Giveaway

L. is the winner!

12/20/16 Dropprice Giveaway $100 Target GC

Annette F.

12/20/16 Give The Gift Of Meal Planning With Mealgarden *2* Winners


12/22/16 The Piano Guys – Uncharted CD Giveaway

12/22/16 Jackie Evancho Holiday Album Someday At Christmas Giveaway

12/22/16 Fiber Element Bamboo Sheets Giveaway

Soha Molina is the winner!

12/24/16 Blue Mountain 12 Days of Christmas Inspiration Giveaway

12/24/16 Tekno Newborn Robotic Pet Giveaway

12/24/16 Portal WiFi Router RV $199 Giveaway

Alyssa Emmett is the winner!

12/24/16 Women’s Bean Project Large Gourmet Gift Basket Giveaway RV$59.99

Kelly is the winner!

12/25/16 Let it Shine Gift Set Giveaway *4* Winners

Cindy L.
Sweeps C.
Robin C.

12/25/16 Little Acre Sampler Gift Box Giveaway

Robin A. is the winner!

12/25/16 Children’s Music CD Just Like the Stars Giveaway *4* Winners

Rebecca F.
Heather B.
JLin M.

12/25/16 Viatek Night Stars Landscape Lighting Premium Series Holiday Giveaway

Elle T.

12/25/16 Colorwear T-shirts Giveaway *4* Winners

Audrey S.
Theresa T.
Maryann D.
Susan S.

12/25/16 Pumpedi Callus Remover Giveaway *4* Winners

Lynne B.

Maryann D.

Tracey L.

Lonnie H.

12/25/16 The Mountain T-shirts Giveaway *4* Winners

Sweeps C.

Deborah C.

Melanie L.

Kate V.

12/25/16 Clever Yoga Giveaway *4* Winners

Linda M.

Rebecca R.

Lori M.

12/25/16 Teacher Peach Totes Gift Set Giveaway *4* Winners

Laura R.

Robin A.

Lisa A.

Lynne B.

12/25/16 Everything Doormats Giveaway*4* Winners #SMGN

Allyson T.
Jill R.
Marilyn N.
Kelly O.

12/25/16 Teach My Giveaway *4* Winners #SMGN

Linda M.
Julie A.
Tracy S.
Wendy C.

12/25/16 Winning Moves Games Giveaway #SMGN

Francine L.
Laurie N.
Wendy C.
Jon H.

12/25/16 SpineAlign Pillow Giveaway *4* Winners

Tracey L.

Sherry C.

Rennie D.

Geri S.

12/25/16 Better Grip Yoga Mat Giveaway *4* Winners

12/25/16 Moscow Mule Copper Mug Giveaway *4* Winners #SMGN

Chris Z.
Kathy R.
Serge B.
Jaque R.

12/25/16 Touch of Dazzle $40 GC Giveaway *4* Winners

George A.
Maryann D.
Jill R.
Marilyn N.

12/25/16 Set Enterprises, Inc. Game Giveaway *4* Winners

Linda M.

Michele L.

Abbie G.

Elaine F.

12/25/16 Dripo and intelliARMOR #SMGN

12/25/16 Brooklyn Beans Holiday Coffee Giveaway *4* Winners

Angela A.

Dan D.

Nicole C.

Tracey L.

12/25/16 Perky Pets Giveaway *5* Winners

12/26/16 Lovespoon Candles Gift Basket Giveaway

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  1. ellen beck
    December 14, 2016 at 2:44 am

    Congrats to the winners. I need to visit more!

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