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For a very long time our family went with out carpeting. We had pulled up the living room carpet in our home and when I finally picked out carpet I chose a light colored Berber. I thought it would be easy to clean. The carpet had a great warranty and was treated to come clean easily. Lesson learned! The light carpeting is easy to clean but it has to be cleaned constantly . The biggest problem is boys with dirty feet, especially in the summer months. My son and his friends like to game and sit in front of the living room tv to do it. This year I have Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats to help me.


These 18″ Carpet Circles, from Koeckritz Rugs, come in a rainbow of colors and are made of a soft cut pile. The material is Polyester Filament Fiber and edges are sewn with a premium fabric tape to prevent fraying. The Circles are easy to put down and pick up. Storage is a breeze. I keep them under a cabinet in the living room and have instructed the boys that when they’re playing they have to grab one to sit on. It’s working well and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


While I decided to use these for our living room they can be used anywhere, outside on the grass, the deck and even sand. These make the perfect sitting circle for nurseries and day care centers too. These fun and quirky carpet circles have been created in 19 different colors so each child could have their own special color.


I received 3 Crazy Carpet Circle Seats for the purpose of the review. Mine are the 18″ circles however these come in a variety of sizes and colors. The Circles can be purchased individually or in groups of 6 for extra savings.  An added bonus is that the Crazy Carpet Circle Seats are made in the USA!

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1 comment for “Koeckritz Rugs – Children’s Crazy Carpet Circle Seats

  1. Melissa Craig
    June 29, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    I love the carpet circles they used them at my daughter’s preschool, it gave each child a sense of their own space

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