MP Magic Socks – world’s best odorless socks


PPPPP-UUUUU I feel sorry for socks in my house. My boys total them and not from wear but from smelly feet. Both boys are on the go all day and when they shed their shoes it’s terrible. Now MP Magic Socks can help.

These socks help control odor and are known as the best odorless socks. Made from unique fabric that uses three metals: silver, copper and zinc. A combination of metals that help provide antibacterial protection. Silver is known as an antibacterial metal, copper can kill bacteria and zinc can help reduce the bacteria and odor. These three metal infused technique was applied in the aerospace industry.

With fashionable and functional fabrics, you can take off your shoes without hesitation. The MP Magic Socks are specially designed socks have toe and heel areas that perfectly match the shape of the human foot and are super breathable and durable.

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  1. Lynne B
    October 1, 2017 at 2:37 pm

    These would be fantastic as a stocking stuffer for my son or brother.

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