Roadside Emergency Kit w/ Jumper Cables & First Aid Supplies



It’s snowing! It’s not unusual for us to get snow this time of year and we need to be prepared.  Sliding into the ditch, a car breaking down, the battery going dead or coming across an accident isn’t unusual either.  When the weather gets cold making sure your car is prepared is important.  The Roadside Emergency Kit With Jumper Cables and First Aid Supplies has everything you need all bundled up into a handy carrying case.


What I really like about this one is that  has all the things we have kept in the back of our cars but contained into one carrying case.  Normally our emergency supplies get spread out in the back of the car, now they are in one nice neat bundle.  This is also a great gift idea, especially for new drivers.


About the product:

  • ROADSIDE KIT – Comes equipped with 92 pieces of emergency gear to get you up and running.
  • SAFE ROAD TRIPS – Feel confident knowing your kit has the equipment you need in case of an emergency.
  • JUMPER CABLES – To jump start your dead battery or help a fellow traveler.
  • GRIPPER GLOVES – So you can comfortably change a tire in the cold without hurting your hands.
  • WINDOW BREAKER – Glassbreaker doubles as a seatbelt cutter so you can rescue someone in a wrecked vehicle.

What’s inside:

Road Kit Supplies

  • Bungee Cords x 3
  • Jumper Cables x 1
  • Cable Ties x 15
  • PVC Tape x 1
  • Flashlight x 1
  • Fire Starter Flint x 1
  • Long Candle x 1
  • Gloves with grippers x 1
  • 9 in 1 Multitool x 1
  • Tire Pressure Guage x 1
  • Reflective Safety Vest x 1
  • Light Sticks x 2
  • 8″ Crescent Wrench x 1
  • 9 Foot Tow Rope x 1
  • Reflective Warning Triangle x 1
  • Rain Poncho x 1
  • Glassbreaker / Seatbelt Cutter Tool x 1
  • Emergency Whistle x 1

First Aid Supplies

  • Gauze Pads x 4
  • Band-Aids x 20
  • Alcohol Prep Pad x 6
  • Tourniquet x 1
  • Antiseptic Wipes x 4
  • Scissors x 1
  • First-Aid Tape x 1
  • Metal Tweezers x 1
  • Mylar Blanket x 1
  • Elastic Bandage (small) x 1
  • Elastic Bandage (large) x 1
  • PVC Gloves x 1
  • Triangle Bandage x 1
  • Cotton Balls x 5
  • Safety Pins x 6


2 comments for “Roadside Emergency Kit w/ Jumper Cables & First Aid Supplies

  1. Susan P.
    November 4, 2017 at 9:47 am

    This kit would be perfect for any car since most people forget about including a lot of these things.

  2. Sue E
    November 6, 2017 at 12:36 am

    Especially here in a state that gets snow and sometimes snow storms that can and has kept us snowed in, an emergency kit is a must! We always keep a nice big warm blanket for when the heater dies in the back seat. Frost bite is painful and NO fun! You could loose some fingers or toes! How awful – especially when it could have been avoided!!

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