December 2017 Winners


12/02/17 4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular: Week Two

Reta D.

12/02/17 Vellabox Vivere Box Giveaway RV$30

Debbie Plesha is the winner!

12/04/17 Lionsgate Saving Christmas Giveaway

Michele C. is the winner!

12/04/17 Libre Tea Libre Life Mixed 6 pack Giftset Giveaway

karley m. is the winner!

12/04/17 Snowflakes Candy Giveaway

Kathy D. is the winner!

12/04/17 The Doodle Art Greeting Cards by CraftyKizzy Giveaway

Azeem I. is the winner!

12/04/17 Vivitar Heated Volumizing Hair Brush Giveaway

Datrcy K. is the winner!

12/04/17 Keep The Bugs Away With DynaTrap XL Giveaway

Shannon O. is the winner!

12/06/17 The Silimap® – Foldable Silicone Placemat Giveaway

Lonnie H. is the winner!

12/06/17 Piccadilly Pendants Giveaway *4* Winners

p. ye is a winner!
C. Caldwell is a winner!
J. Whitehouse is a winner!
A. Thorpe is a winner!

12/06/17 Charmini’s Deluxe Jewelry Studio Giveaway *3* Winners

crystal mccord is a winner!
Jodi Hunter is a winner!
ellen c is a winner!

12/06/17 Dunky Cup Giveaway *2* Winners

E. is the winner!

12/10/17 Living Well with Montel™ 1200 Watt Emulsifier Blender Giveaway

mary is the winner!

12/10/17 Tootsie Roll Hot Chocolate Oh Yeah Giveaway

Marilyn N. is the winner!

12/10/17 Little Ant Paperback Series Giveaway

Helen B.

12/10/17 The Yookidoo Musical Duck Race Giveaway

denise low is the winner!

12/10/17 One Jade Lane Holiday Cards Giveaway *2* Winners

Jay J.

Jodi H

12/10/17 Bailey’s Irish Cream Single Serve Cappuccino Giveaway

Terry Bellender is the winner!

12/10/17 The Grecian Soap Giveaway

Edye is the winner!

12/11/17 Glasstic Water Bottle Giveaway

Marilyn N. is the winner!

12/11/17 John Boos Board Co. Carving Board Giveaway ($278 RV)

Tara Liebing is the winner!

12/12/17 Fun For The Kids Giveaway *6* Winners

12/13/17 Pain Relief With Salonpas Giveaway

Pauline M. is the winner!

12/13/17 Trendy Pro Talking Socks Giveaway

Kim A
Jodi H
Pat S
Dorena T

12/13/17 TRENDY PRO Fitness Tracker Giveaway

Lonnie H

12/13/17 Cella’s Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee K-cups Giveaway

crystle t. is the winner!

12/13/17 Motivation Gifts Giveaway

J. is the winner!

12/13/17 Chinese Acupuncture Cupping Therapy Set Giveaway

Tara L. is the winner!

12/15/17 Yulu Toys Giveaway

L. is a winner!
Jessica W. is a winner!

12/16/17 Have A PeachSkinSheets Christmas Giveaway


12/16/17 Holiday Giveaway

Clemencio is the winner!

12/17/17 Peace Love and Wine Club Giveaway

s. is the winner!

12/20/17 Give The Gift Of Time With JORD WoodWatches $100 Gift Code Giveaway

12/20/17 Enchantails Slumber Bag Exclusive Holiday Giveaway

Susan E.

12/20/17 Fishbellies All Natural Heating Pad Giveaway

12/22/17 The DAFNI go Ceramic Straightening Brush Giveaway

12/23/17 SKINovative Gift of Beautiful Skin Giveaway

Soha M
Kathy R
Mary H
Rose S

12/23/17 Baileys Cappuccino Giveaway *4* Winners

Brigette O
Tracey M
Karley M
Trisha M

12/25/17 Clever Yoga 7 Piece Essentials Kit Giveaway

Maryann D.
Julia S.
Ken O.

12/25/17 Waist Trimmer and 2 Different Watch Bands Giveaway

Katie B. is a winner!
Will G. is a winner!
Nicole M. is a winner!
cindy l. is a winner!
nicole b. is a winner!
heather k. is a winner!
J. is a winner!
Jodi H. is a winner!
Jerry M. is a winner!

12/25/17 AUCEE Tracker Trail Camera Giveaway

Kelly O. is a winner!
Tamra H. is a winner!

12/25/17 Protect Your Eyes With Sunglasses Giveaway *9* Winners

Jeffrey R. is a winner!
Jay J. is a winner!
Dale H. is a winner!
Maryann D. is a winner!
belinda b. is a winner!
Andrea D. is a winner!
Bethany S. is a winner!
cindy l. is a winner!
Ashley M. is a winner!
Kristine P. is a winner!
Elissa T. is a winner!
susan s. is a winner!
Robert B. is a winner!
Marcus Z. is a winner!
Malvin Z. is a winner!

12/25/17 Sisfung Healthy Naturally Giveaway *15* Winners

Haley S. is a winner!
Esperanza G. is a winner!
Sandy K. is a winner!
Nicole M. is a winner!
D. is a winner!
cindy l. is a winner!
Kelly O. is a winner!
Kathy R. is a winner!
Darlene O. is a winner!
Diana W. is a winner!
Jay J. is a winner!
Ashley M. is a winner!
Maryann D. is a winner!
L. is a winner!
Jennifer B. is a winner!

12/25/17 DIY Soap Gifts With Saponify Giveaway *4* Winners

Kelly S.
Kathy R.
Kim A.

12/25/17 Holiday Help From Thirty-One Gifts Giveaway *4* Winners

Heather B.
Cathleen K.
Michele P.
Lacey W.

12/25/17 Wear Your Pearls For The Holidays Giveaway

Rochelle J.
Jay J.

12/25/17 Care Me Beauty Giveaway *4* Winners

Annamarie P.
Gloria P.
Kathy D.

12/25/17 Teach My Baby Learning Kit Giveaway

Mindy M.
Rachel G.
Jill R.
Jessica S.

12/29/17 Presto Photo A Gift of Caring & Sharing

  1.  Trisha R.
  2. Erica M.
    Susan E.

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